Marina Ragsdale RAISING AWARENESS OF TARGETED INDIVIDUALS . Please step forward and help expose the crimes which can only be equally compare to the crimes committed by the Nazi Germany – Crimes against Humanity . Thousands innocent victims across USA – targeted Individuals including children are subjectd to a Covert electronic Torture and Harassment on daily basis. Torture remain free in 21 century America . United States possess and secretly use Directed Energy – mind invasive psychological – Weapons against own population and globally . ” Some body please help us . My family been targeted and tortured ” the comments left under the petition addressing the US Congress by the victim from California in 2014 . Such a despair and the horror in each words . How could any one remain indifferent ?! The victim outcry and Pr. Obama statement ” Well in past we torture some folks ” do not match . ” Torture is the worst kind of oppression you can inflict toward human being . The society that find it necessary to use torture has reduce itself to a regime of terror. It must be called inhumane ”. The existance of Targeted Individuals as the victims of ongoing crimes continue to deny by the society despite all their desperate attempts to inform the elected officials , law enforcement agencies and the public in general . Deliberately forced into social isolation and ruthlessly victimized by their own communities while constantly control under the warrantless surveillance Targeted Individuals are completely defenseless and lack of all forms of support and assistance . All daily abuses inflicting on victims , all victims pain and sufferings are recorded and monitored – 24/7 . Such a cruelty is hard to express by the words . Regardless age and gender Targeted Individuals became the victims of Electronic rape and the sexual degradations . ” The Electronic No Touch Torture Rape is criminal as any other rape ” by Connie Marshall – the victim . Organized Community / Gang Stalking which is shrived and spread as a plaque across all 50 states is the government sponsored program – the old FBi COINTELPRO – illegally launched post 9/11 under the Patriot Act . All gang stalking targets experiencing job harassment or/and academic harassment . So far no justice been served to the victims of unspeakable human rights and privacy violations . There is a Plight of Targeted Individual – Sharon Poet ” Please let your heart find courage to step up and stop these crimes ”. Its time to demand on US to finally reveal the truth about the CIA Mind Control / MC Ultra Project created in the deepest secrecy and now used covertly for non consensual experimenattion on humamns and as a psychological warfare against own citizens and citizens around world . ” Using gang stalking techniques and the high tech electronic – directed energy – weapons each year thousands people all around world – NATO nations – are tortured and murdered . Never in history there been such a powerful – Electronic – weapons that can be used to monitor , incapacitate , torture and murder , all without the evidence ”, by Peter Mooring , STOPEG org. PLEASE help to stop the silent crimes – the 21 century technological holocaust . Save the lives . Directed Energy Weapons must be expose , ban and eradicate for the sake of all humankind . Awake . All individuals on our planet are a potential targets . Thank you to all of you .p.s. I live in small town Sebring , Fl , USA where the atrocity against me with use of Directed Energy Weapons been initiated and still continue . Just like all Targeted Individuals I am experiencing a psychological and physical covert electronic torture – 24/7 . RAISING AWARENESS OF TARGETED INDIVIDUALS .Unlike · Reply · 1 · August 18 at 1:37pmKevin Canada I’VE BEEN A TI FOR OVER 15 YEARS, NO ONE CARES, NON STOP TORTURE


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