Roksanda Kosmajac Hi Kevin > They implant us with TESLA’s Nano Bots via these Chemtrails (metallic micro dust that goes into our brains), that way everyone is tagged, including the animals everywhere on the planet… this way they can direct anything at the spur of the moment, make animals react, accidents, serial killers, etc. Via TESLA big computer they know everything that you’re thinking. I sent you a Friend Invite.Unlike · Reply · 5 · July 26 at 2:53pm · Edited
Kevin Craig Canada You are absolutely right EVERYTHING that lives has been IMPLANTED for MIND CONTROL, DEW and A.I. I THINK THEY EVEN INCLUDED A KILL SWITCH
DoodlebugsDream has sent you a message You can reply to this message by visiting your messages. It’s mind control, hypnotism, neural linguistic programming or NLP, propaganda, brain washing, alchemy, sigils, subliminals. 85% running on a program, 15% with awareness, that’s some pretty harsh math. No wonder some don’t wanna leave the house except for supplies, the second you’re out the front door you’re walking among zombies. So many are being targeted now and all communication monitored. Thank you for not giving up on spreading the word. Take Care my friend.
PavlovsBitch May 19, 2014 • Chemtrails, goo, mind control, geo engineering, biological warfare There is always a dual purpose at least, to any action taken by and through government. Chemtrails are metalised and biologically infused. The metals not only cut the brain off from optimum functioning but also transmit or act as conduit amplifiers of more exotic technology such as H.A.A.R.P. which is multifunctional. In this respect the carrier wave frequencies are attuned to manipulate biological life to act in accordance with signals or altered frequencies. Another effect in reality is to infuse the body with ‘the chip’ through nanotech within the chemtrails and clouds. Reducing the reach and radiance of the sun, also profoundly affects all life forms, making access to light/information reduced. It takes more energy just to stay still.Meanwhile, back at the ranch ..
Fishkeeper59 4 hours ago (edited)+whitewidowbeast Your mind is read through signals intelligence EMF brain mapping programs. This system has been in place since post WW II, as part of the plan to implement world government. They figured that if they could find a way to utilize the EMF fields around the body as a way of keeping tabs on us, that they could use the same system to enslave us.The NSA was charged with finding a way to do so. Their solution was to create a means of scanning the electromagnetic spectrum to search for the unique EMF fields produced by the body.The NSA’s Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network is the result of this research. This scanning network is being used to remotely track us, experiment upon, torture and even murder us. The entire government in the United States is unraveling…Texas is now preparing for what is termed to be a new economic Armageddon, in which the banking system is going to collapse.As a result, Texas has now threatened the Federal Reserve System by passing legislation which orders the Federal Reserve to send $1 billion in gold bullion back to Texas, however, the Federal Reserve System has no intent to do so. This is why the Jade Helm military exercise was really created. As a means of covertly threatening Texas Governor Greg Abbott to back off of the Federal Reserve.Abbotts’ legislation establishes a precedent so that the other 49 US States can now create their own legislation to repatriate billions in gold bullion from the Federal Reserve. If the Federal Reserve was forced to comply this could result in its bankruptcy ,which would drive the Rothschilds and their Zionist supporters out of the United States.The situation with the Obama Administration’s nuclear deal with Iran is also prompting Israel to threaten to attack Iran with nuclear weapons if this deal goes through.Combine this with Russia’s reestablishment of the Soviet Union and an alliance with North Korea, and what we have here is the makings for World War III.
Ron Angell Former US Army Intelligence Officer Julianne McKinney exposes the military communications weapons used on civilians and military Personal- Chemtrials are NOT JUST FOR RAIN and Cloud Seeding- Chemtrails are also for Nano brain entrainment- meaning substances in the 10 EE 09 Meters break the blood brain barrier over time when breathed in and create two way radio structures inside the human and animal brain. With Directed Energy and RHIC Radio Hypnotic Cerebral Control- and supercomputers so sophisticated – human beings and animals are controlled. This is old news- it began December 12th 1998. But some reported this began in Edison New Jersey in 1991. And then there are even Older Former US Federal Employees that reported in Washington DC in 1977 this began when DC had the highest Murder rate in the USA. Former US Army Intelligence Officer Julianne McKinney exposes the military communications weapons used on civilians and military Personal- Chemtrails are for nano brain entrainment (Mind control takeover with small particles in food, water and air that break the blood brain barrier and then control the human nervous system with Radio Hypnotic Inercerebral control) These weapons are weapons of Mass Destruction- Pulsed microwaves, pulsed infa red weapons. In space and in the cell tower network and the weaponized power grid.. US Army Intelligence Officer: Gang Stalking Phenomenon is Precursor to Coming Holocaust

19You, Lee Henderstein, Rob Lambert and 16 othersCommentsKevin Canada People need to wake up, don’t know what it will takeLike · Reply · 2 · December 8 at 8:45pmJulio L. Velazquez Most of them can’t. They are mind controlled. Remember the 1956 movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers? It was the Hollywood Illuminati that made that movie, predicting the future. The pods signify mind control. We are the few, like Kevin McCarthy, tryi…See MoreLike · Reply · 3 · December 8 at 9:04pmKevin Craig Canada HOW CAN WE SEE IT AND OTHERS CAN’TLike · Reply · 5 · December 8 at 10:44pm
Kristina Valero I wonder everyday why others don’t see it. What can we do to protect ourselves?Like · Reply · 2 · December 9 at 12:06amWrite a reply…
Julio L. Velazquez I believe that we are chosen (the elect) by our creator and cannot be fooled and mind controlled. That’s why we are severely tortured and persecuted, because we do not obey ‘them’. We are not programmable. The world is going through what the scriptures mention, The Strong Delusion, which is in 2 Thessalonians 2:11 and the ‘man of perdition’ or the Antichrist is mentioned there too. End times prophecy and it is here. When I was a child, I was given vivid dreams about how I would be persecuted and everyone would bail out on me and desert me. I know that many do not believe in the Bible, but through my experiences, dreams and visions, I can clearly see that it is real. God said that we will have to endure hardships and long suffering here on earth, but we will be rewarded and our enemies will get what they deserve. Stay strong.


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