BREAKING: VA Tries To Confiscate Disabled Vets Guns, Stopped By Citizens And Sheriff Standing Guard

BREAKING: VA Tries to Confiscate Disabled Vet’s Guns, Stopped by Citizens and Sheriff Standing Guard
President Obama has said time and again that his greatest disappointment was that he was unable to enact new gun control legislation to further restrict the right of American citizens to keep and bear arms. In an effort to do an end run around Congress and enact some of that legislation, the Obama administration enacted some new policies that would make it impossible for some disabled vets to purchase guns and might even lead to their existing firearms being confiscated. That very nightmare scenario — the VA forcibly confiscating the firearms of a disabled veteran — almost happened in Idaho yesterday, but the VA was stopped in its tracks by a grassroots group of local residents. And the sheriff. And some politicians. All of whom stood on the man’s front yard to prevent the confiscation.

From the AP:

A group of residents in northern Idaho lined up outside a U.S. Navy veteran’s house on Thursday to protest claims that federal officials are planning on confiscating the man’s weapons.

Idaho Republican state Rep. Heather Scott of Blanchard said the Veteran Affairs office has sent a letter to John Arnold of Priest River warning him that he cannot possess or purchase firearms.

The protest -spearheaded by Scott- attracted roughly 100 people. 

anaxis says:August 7, 2015 at 20:34I went through the same thing while receiving a medical discharge for a blown-out back, which resulted from an IED going off underneath my 998 while I was behind the .50. The DAV rep actively encouraged everyone in the briefing to claim PTSD when submitting their medical records for our VA disability rating. Out of the dozen or so guys there, I was the only one to refuse doing so. I had watched the NICS Improvement Act of ’07 (otherwise known as the Veteran’s Disarmament Act) get passed, and I knew what was coming down the pike. Even after the VA lowballed my rating, I stymied all efforts by various medical types to be designated as having PTSD. Even so, I had one particularly bullheaded & hoplophobic VA psychiatrist (assigned due to my admission of being homeless) insist that no matter what I said, I have PTSD, and entered as much into my medical records. And within the past couple years, the VA clinic started asking me about my owning firearms as part of the vitals-screening during routine checkups. At that point, I stopped going to the VA for any reason.
Since my suspicions have now been realized, they have been replaced by the fear that one day I’ll receive a similar letter or knock on my door.


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