Frank Allen

Dear Attorney General Maura Healy
This is the Organization that is responsible for our repeated torture.. Program ElectRx. Written by DARPA I am a targeted individual living in The State of Massachusetts. The Perpetrators live in the town of Whitman Massachusetts 15 miles Away. I am looking for support fromThe United States Government Concerning the electronic remote torture that I have endured since 2012. I have reported to the FBI in Boston, Washington, the local authorities in the perpetrators home town of Whitman Massachusetts and my own town of West Bridgewater Massachusetts.
Targeted Individuals need government Issue countermeasures immediately and the tracking of the government issue electronic weapons which may be computer software used in conjunction with projective hardware. My life is threatened on a daily basis.
Sincerely Yours,
Frank H Allen
The perpetrators since 
October 15, 2011
Michael Pierce
Whitman, Massachusetts
Robert Levine – AKA – Rich Levine
Whitman, Massachusetts

Kevin Canada WE ARE ALL TI’S NOW, JUST LOOK AT YOUR POISON SKIESLike · Reply · 30 minsManageKevin Craig Canada DARPA AND COLUMBIA, COLUMBIA IS A CIA NAZI SCHOOL…/daqcevvvs1nlh_1wjw90h90urlhttps3a2f2ffuturism-com2fwp-content2fuploads2f20152f102f95011864-3481890 4279415DARPA’s ElectRx program aims to use artificial modulation to stimulate…FUTURISM.COM


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