Kevin Canada JUST LOOK AT YOU’RE SKIESUnlike · Reply · 2 · August 27 at 9:20amMargaret Zawodniak Kevin Canada, this is an informative article. It makes a lot of sense. Thank you.Unlike · Reply · 2 · August 27 at 11:34amTadar Wazir When stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA in the early 60s the CHIPS a.k.a. California Highway Patrol would come and hold a workshop on dealing with underaged people and homos. They warned us that there were severe penalties for dealing with these types sexually or in any unlawful manner. And they made it very clear that many in high places including Hollywood in the state were what we now know as LGBTQ types.Unlike · Reply · 4 · August 27 at 2:44pmKevin Crosby Growing up in Corona, California, spying on pedophile rings, one of my handlers was Colonel Ron Jensen, retired U.S. Army, retired California Highway Patrol.Unlike · Reply · 2 · 15 hrs
Carol Reid It takes guts, honesty and determination to talk about this.
Because, as you and many who speak out about it, it is ubiquitous in society as most people cannot even imagine.
It is international in scope….See MoreLike · Reply · August 27 at 10:59pmKevin Craig Canada replied · 1 ReplyKevin Craig Canada THEY DON’T DO THIS SHIT FOR SEXUAL GRATIFICATION THEY DO IT FOR SATANIC POWERLike · Reply · 5 · 19 hrsJoe Lee LOL.Like · Reply · 15 hrsKevin Canada Joe Lee HA..HALike · Reply · 7 hrs


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