12049329_10204848187344080_1103049259076998382_n-7240687 1192645Cathy Kendall Trujillo The Italians about it for years not course my dad a World War 2 veteran didn’t really believe them but he’s been telling that story for years and now we hear all these different reports for years that the VA has been doing that experiments on our soldiers and they’re very evil evil is taking over everythingUnlike · Reply · 2 · 6 hrs12049329_10204848187344080_1103049259076998382_n-7240687 1192645Cathy Kendall Trujillo Not Italian stupid phoneLike · Reply · 1 · 6 hrs483148_371004552996495_1168273803_n-5013598 6218035Laura VonDrehle I know this baby’s mom. The same stuff was implanted in my spine.. Again, without my knowledge or consent. We are both permanently sidelined. It’s hamster and cow DNA!!!Like · Reply · 1 · 6 hrs12049329_10204848187344080_1103049259076998382_n-7240687 1192645Cathy Kendall Trujillo The veteransLike · Reply · 1 · 6 hrs483148_371004552996495_1168273803_n-5013598 6218035Laura VonDrehle Dr, Kuklo destroyed tens of thousands of Army kid’s lives with the rhBMP-2 and he’s still practicing here in CO….With the same doc who implanted me!!…daqddyt3yrynp3fo8w90h90urlhttps3a2f2fstatic01-nyt_-com2fimages2ficons2ft_logo_291_black-2670860 2917237Medtronic Paid $788,000 to Doctor Accused of Faking StudyNYTIMES.COM|BY BARRY MEIER


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