CGWed, Nov 7, 5:41 PM (1 day ago)to meI am confused by your answer.  when you use the word “you”, do you mean me or re you referring to  “one” , in general, ie other people besides me?
Kevin Canada, 10:02 AM (9 hours ago)to Debbie, Nancy,, Marla, Lauren, stackre, Chris, Peter, Jodi, jjag, Douglas, Mark, Patrick, Karen, Joe, Bob, Theresa, Court, Jessica, Leanne, Susanne, Elisa, info, Rosy, Danielle, Creations, Andrea, stillhunt76, Helene, MALento, Joann, Carol, Kayli.Covington, Jerry, ccaruso631, RickJane1, george, Wendy, Lisa, melkurtz, andrew4sale, Steven, ZINACIO33, Klodee1234, aabmyron, rainbowdann, hudlztrustedtouch, Linda, Ellen, Carol, gary, taritxu, monifeld, Denise, Claudia, eetrimm, Kevin, dsprintz, miri2535, CathyYou’re skies are now nothing but toxic chemicals and frequencies to CONTROL you. If you can’t tell the difference between toxic shit from hell and real clouds clouds well good luck, enjoy your Nazi world, this is you’re future unless you stop it. All you’re major cities are being locked down with this technology, Mind Control, DEW, AI and God knows what else, Space Fence. They can read your thoughts, even see through you’re eyes with this technology, I know they experiment on me because I expose the psychopaths. 5G is just the next step in this Nazi technology.
I’m done trying to beat a dead horse, if you ever go after Brookhaven Labs let me know, a Naval Weapons Lab being used on You. 

Kevin Canada, 6:32 PM (35 minutes ago)to Cathy, Debbie, Nancy, Chrissy, Marla, Lauren, stackre, Chris, Peter, Jodi, jjag, Douglas, Mark, Patrick, Karen, Joe, Bob, Theresa, Court, Jessica, Leanne, Susanne, Elisa, info, Rosy, Danielle, Creations, Andrea, stillhunt76, Helene, MALento, Joann, Carol, Kayli.Covington, Jerry, ccaruso631, RickJane1, george, Wendy, Lisa, melkurtz, andrew4sale, Steven, ZINACIO33, Klodee1234, aabmyron, rainbowdann, hudlztrustedtouch, Linda, Ellen, Carol, gary, taritxu, monifeld, Denise, Claudia, eetrimm, Kevin, dsprintz, miri2535There is some hope, as I came into Huntington town center about an hour ago there was a huge crowd Protesting Donald Drumpf, Dump Trump the signs said. I have been waiting for people to get off their butts and in the streets.Of course I joined right in, we needed chemtrail and 5G signs out there but no one there. Too late for me, but maybe you people can finally do something.  

Kevin Canada, 6:55 PM (12 minutes ago)to Cathy

I will always be here Cathy if you want to hook up on these issues, I just need to protect my life at this point, it’s that bad. Ain’t no one lining up to help or protect me so I have to protect myself. I will come back down from time to time, need some total peace for a while if I can even find it. You have no idea what I have been through living in this shit hole for the past nine years.That in itself would make one hell of a book. Once I find some safety if even possible, I will come back down and continue my work here, maybe we can work together then. If you ever get a real group where all can share input and not just one idiot let me know. Groups should be open for all to converse and add whatever they want not just one person. 


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