536568_394393613961261_1202203360_n-7276439 3512236Kevin Canada I don’t meet people off the Internet, or tons of phone calls I getI was not going to return Adams call but for some reason I did553656_109608869179733_1130732503_n-5928472 9760186keep up the good work a lot of people follow youThey try to set you up especially with womenI need people I can Trust553656_109608869179733_1130732503_n-5928472 9760186any hot ones send them to me for analysysTons of hot ones, they want me involvedYou should see what they do553656_109608869179733_1130732503_n-5928472 9760186the ones you don’t want send to me…Not interested, interested in exposing this shitget a purpose553656_109608869179733_1130732503_n-5928472 9760186great tell women to contact your vaginal control division… meStart a You Tube channel maybe they will send you some like meMaybe I should start contacting them, it’s all mind control probablyThey want me involved so I get off their case, ain’t gonna happen553656_109608869179733_1130732503_n-5928472 9760186much worse than that … they use women to transfer demonic parasites for total cerbral control… real mind control, never discussedcerebral control nano-viruses… thats why so many men are pussywhiped and dont fight against evil… they are in bed with it literalyYou may be right, reason I stay single, even without the nano you get pussy whippedWatch the movie They live553656_109608869179733_1130732503_n-5928472 9760186i have mostly trueI have a link in my group under the doc video553656_109608869179733_1130732503_n-5928472 9760186thxThat’s very interesting I never thought they were using women for something like this, man this world has gone to Hell literallyI knew something was wrong with them constantly trying to get me involved with women553656_109608869179733_1130732503_n-5928472 9760186worse than ever… that’s what happens less Christianity = more satan… masons know this and blame Christians in media to blame us for their shitI’ve had them virtually hand me their tits in a pub and stuff, weird shit I never had happen beforeThey are using this mind control to get people involved in the Occult as well, they especially use it on womenI think women are easier to mind control553656_109608869179733_1130732503_n-5928472 9760186pussy kills more people than ALL gun crime combinedThey control the woman they control you if you are in a relationship553656_109608869179733_1130732503_n-5928472 9760186That’s where you need a licenseThat’s why i have no kids and never marrythat’s why i was chosen… nothing to blackmail me withI don’t either, just worked out that way553656_109608869179733_1130732503_n-5928472 9760186BlessMy ex wants to get back together, long story


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