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Subject: Targeted
From: “Kevin Canada,”
To: Linda Moulton Howe ,, Richard Syrett , Susan Paczak
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I listened to your show last night on Coast to Coast. Normally I would
have just dismissed some of this stuff as crazy but I’ve had my own
experiences with this stuff. I had ear implants done at a VA hospital in
Tampa, FL where the doctor was visibly shaking going into surgery, my life
has never been the same since.

I know I’m being experimented on, breakins in my house, 7/24
surveillance, MKULTRA shit from hell, non stop Mind Control. Got involved
with people like Colin Powell who is clearly CIA, read my story. Has led me
down many roads investigating this shit, Brookhaven Labs especially which I
believe is tied into CERN and Area 51, the shit I have seen on Long Island
would blow your mind.

People dropping dead around me, accidents popping up everywhere I go, I
guess to send me a message no doubt. They have technology beyond belief
now. They let me know they want my soul, these little KIA Soul cars popping
up Everywhere I go, people dressed in black every where I go, all Mind
Control I know but a total brain F. There is definitely something going on
with this Soul stuff, I believe it is very evil as well. Might explain all
out top politicians flashing Satanic hand signs, WTF.

And yes your friend very well may have been murdered in that car
accident, I’ve seen so many wrecks happen right in front of me. They can
Mind Control people to do virtually anything, very scary times. They are
experimenting on all of us now with frequencies and chemtrails, and HAARP.
5G can kill you dead, I’ve seen it in action. Read my Facebook, two people
dropped dead from heart attacks within 30 days of each other after they
installed it in front of my apt bldg, lived there 7 years nobody ever
dropped dead of anything until they installed this shit, mostly vets live
there, they are using vets as human gunea pigs. Had to move upstate NY the
technology was so intense on Long Island, Brookhaven Labs must be
investigated now. They are hooking these particle accelerators up to HAARP
and creating a Hell right here on earth, God knows what else they are
doing, dimensions, portals, etc. People who know about HAARP have told me
this place is connected to CERN, 666.

We are all being Implanted now with Nano chemtrails, I believe they
are using Star Wars technology to deliver these chemtrails and Nano
anywhere and everywhere, chemical lasers that beam this shit up to mirrors
in space and anywhere back down on earth they want. I have so much
chemtrail footage I just stopped videoing it, watch my You Tube videos.

Our weather is being controlled on command for a variety of reasons,
mainly political I believe. It’s all about CONTROL, control of everything
and everyone. They hack my dreams so much it ain’t even funny, some very
sick stuff, we are dealing with sheer evil here. I think they can even see
through your eyes with this Nano technology, this is what Brookhaven Labs
does develop and blast this nano shit all over the world along with their
frequencies. I’ve had local Lond Island politicians ask me if Brookhaven
Labs should be closed, not only closed but Prosecuted to the fullest extent
of the law, everything from 9/11, TWA flight to Mind Control and the
Poisoning of our people and Drumpf is very involved in all this shit, all
work for the CIA now. I hope you will seriously investigate this place, our
only hope is if people wake up to the horrors going on there and other
places like it, otherwise you can kiss America goodbye. I’ve been
documenting these crimes for many years because of my targeting, read my
blog. May write my own book some day if I survive. They are turning us all
into machines totally controllable, Tyranny.

Kevin Canada

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