World Domination: Quite literally, total control of the entire planet. Control the market, control people’s minds, their thoughts and dreams, and their health. This process also included controlling things such as the weather, earthquakes, tsunamis, and natural disasters. I recently spoke to a former C.I.A. agent, who shall remain anonymous. When I explained all that I knew about my situation he said he was familiar with the crime and even with all of my personal research. He said I have only scratched the surface with this book. 

The broadcast news is completely sanitized, only revealing what people in lofty positions want the general public to know. If the world knew what the real news was, it would cause people to feel scared, betrayed, and angry–especially concerning matters involving the government and the military. 

There are many thousands of victims just like me who are heavily targeted, but there are many more that have been implanted and receive no harassment or intimidation. People who are being influenced or controlled without their realizing it can be referred to as “Sheeple”, as they simply follow along, unaware of what is really already happening to them, their families, and friends. 

Depopulation: Mankind is using up it’s resources faster than they can be replaced. Ultimately, when everything is depleted, we will simply cease to exist. In order to slow this process down, the governments of the world have devised a program to reduce the world’s population. Slowly, almost at an infinitesimal pace, people are being “thinned out.” Through medical conditions such as intentionally-induced cancer, heart attacks, and brain embolisms, people are living shorter lives in general. The very thought that this is happening as planned is disgusting and appalling to say the very least. To think our lives are being sped-up to further future generations is disturbing, unnatural, and immoral. How can I prove this? I have done enough research to know this is true. Proponents of the issue of chemtrails are a testament to my disclosures. Look up chemtrails; it is not just a conspiracy, it’s a reality. 

The Invisible Crime, Michael F. Bell


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