Helen Jane Thorpe

Those note *7* Application CHEMTRAILS *R still very much CONtinuing here in the UK under *THE TORIES. Note therefore that the Mind Torture (thought Torture), brought in who under *CAMERONS* Gov, (with Teresa MAY in & when *Boris Johnson was Londons Major), meant that we ALL got sprayed with the Nano & Morgellons /Viruses, & the part which harms the Brain & Body that forms the 24/7/365 thought attack, Crystals are formed in the body, & are replenished /sprayed from these 7 application Chemical Trails, spayed when SUN then follows *RAIN, 7 we breath in Aluminium, ++++ The latter this note Winter UK it hasn’t stopped er RAINING, & viruses & illness still abounding. Big Pharma cashing in too, hugely European /German VAXX operations I saw via the Internet / & PHARMA industry exposed making huge profits on illness. I questioned whist *DAVID CAMERONS Gov, 2010, to 2015, posing just 4 questions, (having seen & Photographed these initial 1st sprays right over & *very low in the sky), just above our roof tops/heads, & Toxins esp from the Summer, of 2013/4. My 4 questions (out of huge concern for the UK Public, openly & joining Websites/groups with the USA to try & understand what it was all about ), I asked, 1/what are these 7 app Chemtrails for, & 2/Geo-engineering, (Disaster Caplitaism, some of it via the Chemtrails), plus 3/GMO’S, Monsanto, & harmful Gypsophate, etc on the foods . Also why was the er Scottish Referendum rigged, we feel the 2015 Election too, under CAMERON. I didn’t vote in that referendum, but why would Scotland have wanted to have had all of this upon them either or harmful Camerons Government ?? NOTE, *FLU VACCINES, are ST*ILL being pushed in this Country, even upon Schoolchildren. I’ve seen via the Internet that they come from GERM any, but not absolutely sure about this. This latter part , Vaccines Autism & Cancer’s /Dememtia, has been exposed as part of a depopulation programme, & it’s upon totally innocent unsuspecting folks. The whole encompasses harmful NANO, & Aluminium, caused by a minority of Globalists, causing esp A Northern & Western Globalist & *TI Genocide as well. So get Autopsies on those who’ve been jabbed, young & old, too. It’s been stated that 1 in 8 in 1 Newspaper, (front page), that of the Elderly, had Dementia…A huge number (Aluminium having being lodged in the bodies & brains of the Young too), Vaxxed. After 5 Jabs, I realised in 2017, Dementia is then how one of my Parents died after those 5 FLU JABS (a 10 fold stated increase expected), & many, many of those friends I know, Parents affected too…Cancers increased initially under those 7 application Chemical Sprays (extra Chlorine noted by me in the Water Supplies, it stinks & bleached patches on our Cambridge pavements photographed, where the rain has come down in concentration upon the pavements. Our noses often burnt (or mine did Rhesus Negative AB & A TI, so switched on to the assaults . Our Immune Systems have been compromised, pumping up the European *Big Pharma Bank Accounts. 5G will cause further Cancers & AGENDA 2030 mass depopulation. Lyda THYER from PLYMOUTH, DEVON UK, a Bioscientist is being wrongfully held in a French Prison, because she was treating those with Cancer’s here with Gc MAF. There are many, many Political prisoner’s who are being held in either NOTE UK Mental Health Institutions or Prisons, wrongfully accused….And whilst under a 3rd term of MASONIC led TORY operating Government . Margaret Thatcher brought in the very first Psychotronic Weapons back in the 1980’s upon totally innocent UK Citizens, still happening under the Tories now & worse, with NANO Camerons Government had sprayed into us all. A type of Police State with the *Tax-paid Law Enforcement regularly *wrongfully detaining, & not upholding THE HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS here, wrongfully detain anyone whose realised all of this. EVEN Political scams, smears upon opposing Political Party’s, namely huge Labour, smear campaigns (they said “that they would make the Ai mind torture stop), & Political Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, was well aware of the UK TI’s hugely affected & mostly Labour /alternative voter’s, than Tory. The Democrats in the USA, (well the minority Globalists, inc SOROS )do a continual smear Campaign & to control Trump, making up continual lies, & Propaganda. 1 MP (so that the Conseratives got in that/her Labour Constituency, here recently lost her MP seat, & was purposely & Publicly shamed, even had a brief spell in Prison all for doing just 11 mph over the speed limit. She was the Peterborough MP, (just drove over the 30 mph, & lied because she was in a rush & had just heard that she was diagnosed with Multiple S). So now there is a TORY in that CONstituency! Such Police State crimes, & as she’d formally made it known (apparently) her desire in the House of er Lords, to become the 1st Black *Labour* Prime Minister ! This is whats been going on here too. *MARK ZUCKERBERG, Cambridge Analytical & CIA F. ace. book development where TI’s were picked out for posting UK, (TI) *ELON MUSK, Ai Brain, & *Nick Woodhead, (latter Ai Brain reconstruction to detect illness, but also assaults those built to question brain activity, & illegal mapping, stealing of intellect / ILLEGAL & CAMBRIDGE hive MINDS WITHOUT my former knowledge either ) used then under CAMERON to our disadvantage in being added to the UK Quantum Computer . Goal to put everyones minds onto & get access highly CRIMINAL. TI’s realising all of these Crimes, (plus Trasnhumanists desire, Oxfords *Nick Bostrum), & many more (including Democrats *USA), need arresting urgently for operating & for their illegal Business Gains (PEOPLE*TRAFFICKING), from it all. These horrendous corruptions= huge gains within their Companies, illegal earnings, & stolen ideas /intellect), inc Google & Facebook too. So *Silicon Valley Businesses taking Intellect & Ideas straight from our BRAINS for their named profits, *TRAFFICKING….I feel that I’m Rhesus Negative AB, & I got chipped & brain mapped all against my will, with stolen intellect & illegal Experimentation, whilst here @ Cambridge UK. A filthy dirty heavily involved immoral City, where the above mentioned operated, Zuckerberg, Gates, Nick Woodford. Nick Woodford even in a Panorama report I saw embezzled 24 million pounds worth of stolen shares (his Ai Building Brain Company, on the Science Park),all illegal operation, with no-ones consent. Cambridge UK. Those complaining got Gangstalked & False Detainments like myself, questioning all of these illegalities , by Cambridge Parkside Police & illegally acting GP’S here whilst under continually sprayed *NANO Neuro-weaponary. ….I will never stop saying this, esp as the assaults NEVER stop, & it feels like a computer under them churning around the Head all of the time, just an absolutely horrific thing to have to try & cope with, like Millions of awake & good Citizens around NATO counter under these huge assaults , suffering 24/7/365 Torture of the spontaneous Brain, & until we can get these Criminals to be held to account, rightfully! ….WE all need to just keep telling everyone what’s happened to us all, & put further more STILL get it onto Billboards, like California, T-shirts & Transport. And leaders in the TIA movement to lead Court cases en masse to make it all stop….

Helen Jane Thorpe 

They are 7 applications, 1 of which causes harm & includes NANO delivery (turning into which Crystals are used to assault the body, & mind ), read the minds of Millions of innocent but questioning & concerned folks, known as TIA’S around the World…. The key is knowing their Chemtrail overall applications Elana Freeland,…Inc Disaster Capitalism/ Weather Wars & overall control of Humanity. 1 app keeps warm air from escaping shown on a clip many years ago, (when the patent was being formed, USA).

Kevin Craig Canada 



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