Arturo Garcés
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– Dearmaselectromagneticasremotas
‘ in 2009, the president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, stated that all their efforts would target the elimination of nuclear weapons on the planet. Of course, I had reason to say it: The United States has developed a new generation of weapons that are much more effective to carry out torture and murder. The countries that have these new weapons can only feel threatened by nuclear weapons.
It is clear that nuclear weapons are dreadful weapons; however, they cannot be used without a trace. That is why it is so its use is restricted. But there is another kind of weapons that the population is not known and do not leave a trace: these are the weapons based on radio waves. The attacks with these weapons are invisible and can walk through walls. We are talking about electromagnetic weapons, also called electronic weapons. Examples are, among others, the weapons of microwave, laser weapons, acoustic weapons, as well as the devices that allow you to read the human mind and influence her. Its use is very common in the area of the secret services and the army. This happens in all countries of the world, and, as they are the result of high technology, still more in our “Democratic West”. It is very strange that the media intended for the general public to come to talk of these weapons, and have never been recognized by any government, but have been used covertly for decades against activists, politicians, and people who have been thrown out of the blanket, Okay to steal from them, right to remove them. And in order to develop and refine these weapons, they pick at random to men, women and children to the currents that use without their consent as guinea pigs to test them. These acts are often horrific crimes against humanity, and our governments tell us nothing about your existence.’
— Dearmaselectromagneticasremotas


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