Touche Alam Finding instructions hard to follow,and confusing ,numbering,how to would help those who are not so savvy,like myself,thank you .great news,I pray for you and all it helps

Aiiz Gary Owens you should join and read the other documents first, as i dont know which document you are refering to i cant help further at this point

Bev Schweitzer Do you check stories on the TRuthfinder or other sites about the ti’s that contact you? That site notified me that info about me but unable to access. .Just away to help ti’s to have a way to challenge DIS-Information.

Aiiz Gary Owens its not important to the way i am approaching the case, in fact it will be an advantage as all ids are being checked by a barrister thorough various security agencies prior to the onset of the case.

Bev Schweitzer Yeah–but I’m in the U. S. THreats already received to be murdered & knowledge that unknown info on the internet & they appeared before a judge that I’m a danger to society. Gee, I was working as a RN then!!

Aiiz Gary Owens we are filing the case in the USA as well as the EU at the same time due to the nature of the parties involved, TIs individual circumstances are not applicable, its a straight lawsuit in which all TIs will give an account that will be judge as a whole, so that means that what happened to one applies to all, thats the only way to get a settlement for all as it would take a 100 years otherwise, its how all class actions are done.

Aiiz Gary Owens Now Whos The Target

Join The TIA & Help Fight The Oppressors


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