Jolene JoJo Seebacher shared a link.14 hrsHi Friends. 
These 3 videos are a must. 
Very solid and true information that can help assist in understanding everything from symbology to the function of the human body. 
In understanding how the controllers operate on us using MK and other programming as an assault on mass mental conditioning. 
I urge you to watch all 3 videos. 
Take the time to dedicate yourself to learn true, viable information which can support a lot of conversations you can viably share with unaware or non awakened individuals. 
I will place a warning label that there are possible triggers in here, so please be prepared then to clean your energies afterwards.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Symbols of Power Pt 1: Skull & Bones, Monarch Symbolism – YouTubeJolene Seebacher shared a videoYOUTUBE.COM


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