On Friday, Under Secretary Allison Hickey stepped down just prior to a House Committee hearing, October 21, 2015. That hearing is about allegations of pay fraud by Veterans Benefits Administration executives approved by Hickey.

Late Friday afternoon, the House Committee was scrambling to figure out how to subpoena Hickey to ensure she shows up to account for the pay scandal. Lawmakers no doubt want to question Hickey over the undeserved pay incentives she approved and interference she was running for Diana Rubens and Kim Graves.

Do you have information about Rubens or Graves that includes their involvement with Hickey? Two years ago, I met with Hickey in Washington DC and gave her input. The people under her were misleading her, but she obviously failed to evaluate the concern. Likewise, then Secretary Eric Shinseki also disregarded concerns that entrenched VA bureaucrats were misleading him. Now, they are both gone due to being misled by bureaucrats.

Will Bob McDonald take heed?

@deptvetaffairs What is the real story on Diana Rubens and Hickey?CLICK TO TWEETMany may be unfamiliar with bean counter type games where nepotism allows pay incentives that are unjustifiable, but this gaming of the system goes back to at least 2007 and probably much earlier.The real story here is VA has been pushing forward to create its current electronic claims system using insurance technology since 1993. Documents in the Clinton Library are very insightful on the subject. It is highly likely that leaders like Allison Hickey refused to terminate longtime VA bureaucrats involved in VBA reforms to avoid losing institutional knowledge that only they have.

This article is intended to put a call out for information from readers. Below are some details to see what we can shake loose from the tree.

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In 2007, Kim Graves’ husband Mike Walcoff voted to give healthy bonuses to himself and his wife. Later, Walcoff went on to become the acting Under Secretary of VBA before Hickey took over. At that time, he arranged for Graves to receive a promotion to Director of VBA Eastern Area Office.

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Back then, numerous VBA executives voted to award themselves huge bonuses despite failing to craft an accurate budget. It was $1.3 billion short. Some of the names back then are also resurfacing today that came back to bite Allison Hickey. Kim Graves was a director at the time and benefactor of a substantial bonus while her husband, Mike Walcoff, voted on his and her bonuses that year. Apparently nothing came of the pay scandal then.

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Walcoff went on to become the acting under secretary for benefits in 2010 before Allison Hickey took over. Allegations have recently surfaced that Walcoff was key in his wife receiving a promotion to VBA Eastern Area for five years before she took a demotion to run St. Paul RO while taking a pay reduction.

Graves recently received $125,000 as a moving incentive to take a demotion for a position in St. Paul, MN, that she personally created.

Likewise, Diana Rubens accepted $280,000 as a moving incentive. She also created a position for her partner so they could move together. VA OIG apparently investigated the nepotism but found no wrongdoing.

Before this current scandal, Rubens was linked to a spying scheme in Philadelphia Regional Office of House Committee staffers. They also destroyed numerous Federal records related to veterans claims and blocked attempts by Congress to investigate.

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Typical VA nepotism? Will the House Committee on Veterans Affairs get Allison Hickey to show up this week?


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