Kevin Canada shared a link.Admin · 2dMILLIE WEAVER FROM INFO WARS ALEX JONES ARRESTED AFTER EXPOSING DEEPSTATE – SHADDOW GATE PRIVATE MILITARY CORPORATIONS CONTRACTORS – OF CIA AND MILITARY INDUSTRY-📷JEFF MURRAY8:02 PM (35 minutes ago)📷📷to Jeff, Jeff📷8hMillie Weaver was arrested the day this came out, been banned everywhere. share it everywhere. Weaver from info wars Alex Jones Arrested after exposing deepstate – shaddow gate private military corporations contractors – of cia and military industry-With several whistle blowers exposing everyting deepstate and dems have been up to
The largest spy network and government criminal organizations -Which also targeted president donald trump – in which they also stated – the democrats and cia military were also using advances military weapons technologies of psychotronic weapons on – no different than the nda cia dhs dod dsa fbi and local state and city officers also have been using on American citizens and family members for past decades – thus showing proving president trump is 100% aware of targeted individuals mk ultra and monarch subjects to these same criminal organization and shadow gate deepstate operations linked to via military fbi on down the line the democrats are deeply exposed with full awareness and involvement in relation to these crimes as they fociouse on the nwo – and enslavement of nations vitizen even by pushing defunding the police to bring robotic A.i. task force on line for the biggest police state known –
All in which president trump is fighting against as he takes on the deep state –
Citizens and whistle blowers alike are being targetted rounded up and jailed for exposing truth – and these criminal orgs operations anf weapons tech -Citizens need to watch this news video release and its content-
To know what is truly going on and how it is indeed going to effect everyone’s way of life as well as that of thier lives .
Trump 2020 and end targeting of citizens programs operations with advanced military weapons technologies of torture murder thank you. (Full) – Banned by Google Youtube Facebook TwitterBITCHUTE.COMSoCal★ExpatShadowGate (Full) – Banned by Google Youtube Facebook TwitterShadowGate (Full) – Banned by Google Youtube Facebook Twitter


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