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Date: Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 9:02 PM
Subject: 26 vets at VA were given Yohimbine to purposely induce PTSD
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Human medical experimentation in the United States: The shocking … give 26 veterans at a VA hospital achemical called Yohimbine to purposely induce post-traumatic stress disorder (“Testimony of Adil E. Shamoo, Ph.D.”). In order to create a “psychosis model,” University of Cincinnati researchers give 16 schizophrenic patients at Cincinnati VA amphetamine in order to provoke …

never heard this one before if you want more about it
veronica myers8:40 PM (16 hours ago)to meHuman Experimentation Time Line – Unwitting Victim for human rights. … Implants in the Human Body … Researchers give 26 veterans at a VA hospital a chemical called Yohimbine to purposely induceACCOUNT SUSPENDED CHECK BACK LATER
veronica myers7:48 AM (4 hours ago)to meMarch 2, 2016
“Reports show a recently hired VA doctor was subsequently arrested and charged with 16 felony counts and multiple homicides from reckless prescriptive practices over numerous years.
That doctor was ironically hired to be the Chief of Opiate Safety at Danville VA in Illinois.
SHAMED VA DOCTORIn April 2015, VA hired Dr. John K. Sturman Jr. after his reckless prescriptive practices resulted in the deaths of possibly up to 35 patients. By August, Dr. Sturman was hauled out of VA in handcuffs and charged with three counts of homicide and 16 other felonies.
VA failed to inform 96 of the veterans treated by Dr. Sturman of the prior disciplinary problems of their doctor despite at least one veteran coming forward with problems. The doctor was supposed to treat his pain but failed while also turning him into an addict.
So how did VA miss all the warning signs before hiring him?”

veronica myers6:05 AM (6 hours ago)to meNurse Witnesses U.S. Troops Being Driven Insane by Psych Drugs

Jun 30, 2013
Alex speaks to a whistleblower nurse who worked in Iraq and saw troops being given psych suicide drugs. She also tells Alex what kind of behavior the troops were displaying while on these drugs.

This is yet another story that goes to show you how the modern soldier is seen, and treated. 

He is literally treated as cannon-fodder, both in the battlefield and at home. Soldiers are seen as “dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy”, as Henry Kissinger said. If you haven’t gotten that already, then you really should wise up. 
When you become a private, you’re privately owned. You’re now human material to be used and reused on multiple tours, put through trauma conditions, discarded when you blow up into PTSD. When you come back home, they’ll put you through trials and humiliations, to make sure you stay put and are a good boy. If you commit suicide, then all the better for the big boys, who don’t have to pretend they’ll give you a pension. But you’re also a lab rat of preference, for whatever NBC or psychosocial experiment they’ll want to put you through.

When future generations study the eugenics campaigns that were conducted against world populations during this era, they will study the military.

You’re kept under strict biomanagement, and used as cheap and sure guinea pigs for all sorts of experiments in human poisoning and toxification.

The technocratic governments of this era fear and hate veterans, who have the technical ability to oppose them, so they make sure they become physically incapable after the 40 year old threshold.

A common method to do it is with binary weapons. E.g., soldier gets an injection when he’s 18, and it delivers a specific RNA cancer virus. With later hormonal fluctuations, that goes active to create cancer. In another variant, a particular fatty substance is turned into an excitotoxin to create impairments to the nervous tissue.”
Kevin Canada, 12:59 PM (0 minutes ago)to Susan, Sue,, Cleveland, William, Brad, Kathi, veronicaAbsolutely troops and vets are seen and used as human guniea pigs to be disposed of, cost too much money once we have served their purposes. 


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