Akhil SharmaYesterday at 7:53amchaos situation in USA is self created blamed on enemies to keep internal and little external stakeholders in confusion….Internal here means , confusing the US citizens and little external means confusing the citizens of these nations Japan, France, UK , Italy, Germany , Canada and Australia….If i am wrong then USA should allow complete access of brains of all of his scientists to the selected people from these nations…..The theory of Five powers controlling global mind control is flawed as Russia/China will never be allowed the access of brains of top US scientists…..Had this happened these counties would have created F-22 long back…And why US is not giving F-22 to at least its allied countries…Reason….They are not sharing the cutting edge technology with anyone….It means they will never share cutting edge technology in mind control with anyone…
IF US is not alone , it means Area 51 , locations of US submarines, Satellites trajectory , Satellites data, Darpa research projects , Nasa Projects ….CIA database , CIA official’s brains, FBI database, FBI official’s brains , Locations of US nuclear arsenal , the exact count of UN nuclear bombs…..Top secret projects…..everything is assessed by Japan, France, UK, Italy , Australia and Canada….If Nato is doing global mind control else more funny aspect Russia/China both has all this information if 5 Permanent UN powers are behind this global mind control. Both are funny situations and point at only one result….US is controlling the world…everything else is garbage…….


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