Jeff Chiacchieri shared a link.December 22 at 2:27pmBeing a Targeted Individual is most certainly a curse; as every TI is forced to understand if they can figure out the terrorism being used against them. I was a TI for over a decade before I figured out I was one. This curse that has changed/destroyed my life. I decided to offer the provided knowledge from research to others who can benefit who can accept the gift.

We TI’s are canaries to what lays ahead for most of humanity and soon for all “the people” under a 5G infrastructure deployed in America to be complete by 2020. All TI’s know the only way to actually get rid of unsafe wireless radiation is to fight against it. To fight against it and win, the controlling majority of people need to understand the technology and its uses increasingly on them.

Historically and currently the controlling majority of People “believe” wireless devices and access points are safe from a lifetime of a programming process that built parameters of thought from which few adults get presented the opportunity to learn to escape out of, including exposures horrifically unfair to children and especially the unborn. The intent of this paper I wrote is to give non TI’s the opportunity to escape outside those parameters. It’s what I have to offer humanity as a result of my torture as a TI.

Genetic, Economic & Political Destruction is Being Forced on America & the WorldI begin explaining my understanding of wireless “smart” technology and how its framework for a control process today – out to America 2050. It took me the last 7 years to connect the entire web of dots to wireless deployment that also connects wireless technology to a plan for a post sovereign t…SCRIBD.COM


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