Spencer Lee Marshall1 minMcDonald lied about the huge hiring wave he had affected at the VA. Uh huh, he lied,,,,,,again. Nobody wants to work at the VA. No real medical doctors and no GOOD nurses want to work there. The only ones who want to work there are those who don;t really want to work at all or those who have no choice because they are toeing the line with the state licensing board. The good ones never last because the good ones are those who will not sit down and will not shut up when they see anything that threatens patient care and life.…/9oys-investigation-tucson-va-cover-up

Hillary Clinton says that things are not that bad and most of the problem is being grown by that right wing bunch who want to privatize the VA. Like privatizing the VA would really fix a goddamn thing right? The only way out of the VA’s mess is to get our veterans who want to leave the VA care paradigm OUT OF THE VA CARE. Once that is done they won’t give a damn about what happens there because they will be clear of the flames. Now THAT is real and serious damage control there. That is all that is left for those who give a damn about saving lives too. No different then tending a burning ship anywhere else whose flames have been way out of control for way too long. You load up the life boats and get the passengers away from the flames until either the damage control parties get a grip on the situation or the vessel goes down.

This halfway point the politicians seem to want to cling to here is killing just as many veterans as what the VA’s whispered policies of denial are continuing to kill. Nothing has gotten anything but worse, it is far past the time when REAL choice in care OUTSIDE the VA should have been run through our congress and past the POTUS and put in play. REAL CHOICE in care OUTSIDE the VA without ANY INTERFERENCE FROM THE VA should have been a reality 12 months ago. Nothing has changed since that 307,000 veterans were found to have perished awaiting the healthcare they had EARNED. That’s 168 per day. Each and every day since the completion of the report that detailed the issue 168 MORE have been lost to the very same issue. And THIS mind you on TOP of the 22 suicides per day.

80% of those we now know are driven to their death by the VA’s psychological wounding inherent with their mental health “care”. That “care” by the way was ruled unconstitutional by the 9th circuit court of appeals in 2011. There too, NOTHING has changed.

The agent orange act of 1991 changed NOTHING at the VA either. The Ft. McClellan and Camp Lejeune acts will too change NOTHING at the VA either. People think that just because a piece of legislation passes through congress and past the desk of the POTUS that it drives changes at the VA, they do NOTHING of the kind. The VA just continues to IGNORE the courts and the congress and the White house. NOTHING has been able to move the VA to change ANYTHING and so things have only gotten worse and worse and worse and worse. The VA listens to nobody!

The VA feels it does not have to listen to anybody or obey laws, legislation or executive orders. Those have ALL been handed to them with a wink and a nod in the past that green flagged the continuation of the very issues that spawned ALL of those actions anyway. Because of that the VA just assumes that nobody is really wanting change there in the congress or the administration anyway and that all this nonsense going on is just further smoke and mirrors, and for a large part they are correct there. That is a very safe bet when nobody is being fired but the whistlblowers. The reason why that last is what it is is simple too. When people get fired it tends to loosen up their lips and start their fingers pointing. We ALL know to where those fingers will be pointing to as well don’t we? Uh huh we sure do!

Any reasonable analysis of the VA problems can not be had without most of congress and too many administrations being drawn into the mud. And this is why we can not trust ANY of the establishment candidates whose issues are represented in their co-signing of EVERYTHING that has happened in the VA that has led to this day can we? No, we most certainly can not. Especially those who are on the campaign trail and continuing to pander to the VA by refusing to demand REAL CHOICE in OUTSIDE care for our veterans RIGHT NOW. And we ALL know whose those candidates are too don’t we? Currently there is NO pending legislation in congress in for this (TRUE CHOICE) because there are NO establishment candidates who want to save any of the lives at imminent risk here. I am not speaking so much of those who can not get the care they EARNED as I am those who have been put on track for their dirt nap currently in fact getting “care” at the VA. There are right now no doubt tens of thousands of cases in the VA right now at very great risk because of what the VA has done (or failed to do) to insure a healthy outcome to their issues. When it comes to escaping the VA the facts are quite clear that OUTSIDE care SAVES LIVES. VA care COSTS LIVES. That is the larger reality here that NO establishment candidate wants to address.

Because of this FACT hundreds of thousands have been killed by the VA. IGNORING agent orange cancer precursors that were obvious and had in fact been well known for decades. On the agent orange issue alone we are speaking of nearly 400,000 veterans. Many killed not by their exposure mind you, but by a VA system whose marching orders for decades have been to ignore the obvious cancer precursors. There are still veterans in the VA’s pipe whose issues there continue to be ignored. They continue to lie to the veterans about there not being anything found to explain that ongoing stomach pain. That is probably the big number ONE right there. “Oh we have done the tests and we can fond NOTHING of any stomach issues with you” go the words to that dirt nap lullaby. Those are the words hundreds of thousands have died listening to. Most in pain too horrid to imagine.

The VA doesn’t care about anyone’s pain, they are on a mission to mitigate the costs of America’s war machine operations and pain and suffering are something that just goes with the territory. Theirs is the greater good after all, correct? This is why they train their people that veterans lives are NOTHING. Their training is similar to that used by Dr. Mengele to train his “research teams” in Auschwitz and that is getting out now too. This is why the whistleblowers find themselves on the outside looking in so swiftly at the VA and why the retaliation is so hard, fast and ugly. The reality is so ugly that it simply must not be allowed out. The VA has a very large account for hush money too as one might well imagine. Congress is part of this too, if it were not, then a congressional investigation would have been surmounted after Dr. Nee’s testimony about the HEALTHY veterans who were put onto the OR tables to have their chests split open and heart bypass surgery performed where NONE was needed. Just as the culpability for the actions of Dr. Mengele ran clear to the top of the 3rd Reich, so too does the culpability for the VA’s disgusting and inhumane medical research on veterans.

What these medical monsters could never get away with anywhere else the VA gladly allows and covers up for. The VA, DoD and NIH are three partners in the most disgusting medical research experimentation known to man since Dr. Mengele was hosting the medical slaughter at Auschwitz, and THAT is a FACT. So of course when you allow that sort of thing to be unleashed onto any group of people the ones doing it were started with a crash course on how their victims are NOTHING, they are NOT of a human caliber that rates anything but an agonizing life until death to the victims is a welcome relief from the medical torture.

This is the same attitude that allows “doctors” to willfully IGNORE cancer precursors and lie about traumatic brain injuries even when the imaging details massive damage. This is the attitude that is the far greater driving force of the veteran suicide issues as well. The psychological wounding inflicted onto those veterans when they are told by no uncertain means that they are no longer honorable human beings while being treated like just another bundle of worthless meat that is about to spoil. That is EXACTLY how Thomas Baer was treated at Tomah. This is exactly how many are treated at every VA facility.

This is not firewalled to any specific facilities, this is propagated to ALL of the VA facilities through the proliferation of the VA’s whispered policies which far supersede anything in the VA’s written policies, or court orders, or legislation or executive orders. The VA’s whispered policies are there long after those little introductory courses on things such as HIPAA and other laws, policies and legislation are a thing of the distant past to these people.…/tucson-va-investigation-doctor-speak…

Tucson VA Investigation: Doctor speaks out for the first timeA well-respected doctor is talking about why she came forward to KGUN9 five months ago. The investigation prompted an OIG investigation.KGUN9.COM


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