Madlen Namro shared a photo.Yesterday at 11:59 AMTESLA PSI-GENERATORS offer 100% electro smog protection, and will protect from 5G harmful radiation. There are two mechanisms of protection in our body: (1) via resonance, when parameters of the wave correspond to the size of a resonator, and the incoming wave gets reflected upon itself inside the resonator, and gets nullified in the scalar wave, when the peak of the forward-going wave is nullified by the trough of the same wave, when this wave is reflected upon itself. But this defense mechanism has limits due to the changing size of the organic resonator. As a result, the wave gets overlaid with itself, and this increases its amplitude. Then, it goes into resonance with the internal vibration of the resonator, and the increased amplitude literally bursts the resonator apart; (2) the second protection mechanism solves the insufficiency of the resonance defense mechanism, and, also, protects from the waves that are too low frequency or two high frequency to resonate with the resonator (e.g., brain inside the skull), and it is based upon the scalar wave diffraction grating, which causes the incoming wave to be refracted. Each segment of the scalar wave diffraction grating becomes the scalar wave itself, causing the scaling of the diffraction grating, and, thus, refraction. So, the incoming wave gets scaled and pushed towards the cellular, molecular, atomic and subatomic levels. And because it is scaled, it can be nullified in the scalar wave on the cellular and molecular level, though the frequency of the incoming wave is not resonant to the size of the resonators of the brain, the parts of the brain, and its cells and molecules. Body always switches to the second mechanism of protection, when there is the danger of the radically increased amplitude in the incoming wave. This second mechanism is called WAVE OPTICS OF CHROMOSOMES .

Only Tesla Generators provide protection from 5G, clinically proven.


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