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Spent some time to find out about what to write in here and other documentation related on the internet for ” mind control ” and ” direct enery weapon ” is a room for the country a threat to us looking for the present and future.
Mind Control Technology of America and a number of countries first in Europe (controls the brain from the satellite; used to spy on, lab, torture, murder, destroyed, lost the ability of the competition. … It’s all at satellite, invisible, with energy. Is not fiction as people think. It’s very, very real and was working 24/24 / worldwide)
Technology Satellite Mind control is a weapon the use of nanotechnology, electromagnetic waves, satellites, super computer, the computer neuron new generation to read the information of the victims were close to the target as thoughts, feelings. , the feeling of, taste, portrait, hearing; and stimulating the senses that makes the victim can hear that sound, your voice, see pictures, create a dream; it’s all been handed in at Satellite, and controlled by the system supercomputer neuron set at the secret on this planet, a connection to the satellite in orbit. You could say, with the modern system, people who are seen as the computer neuron to nervous system’s in which all of the senses and feeling of that man is the data contained in that man (computer) And can read out to analysis, hear, understand, and vice versa can send the information to the person (the victim) as the internet data creation of special effects like nature can hear your voice, see the picture In my head, I see a dream, I see the past of that man (but through electromagnetic waves, satellite network, and be processed by the computer to the new high, called a computer neuron).
Satellite Mind control to the magazine, the site’s credit rating system is a complex technology with pari machines are top of the world, such as: Supercomputer Neuron, satellite with the scanners, Probe Read, to send / receive messages can at the same time lọat control every person on the face of the earth like, robo make they follow orders that don’t even know is under control (as the case, if that person sober, and sensitivity Sharp can be felt and found out there’s something unusual, it’ll be under surveillance torture messing around, and even could have been killed for ties up the loose ends).
Mind control a history of long-term development for centuries with the use of the technique, the device is basically the same as the drug, install chip electronics on you, use the radiation as electromagnetic waves, and a driver at the tower, and The most modern, as this day is satellite. Password – Ultra is the famous mind control of the United States was performed at the way here for a few decades.
In 2002, the lab the U.S. air force has issued any patent for a technology that: weapon consists of electrical equipment at – nerves use the transfer electromagnetic waves to send audio in. The brain of a person or animal. Send it to sound can be as people hear who said stand next to talk into my ears or whisper like the man said nhẩm in my head (this way used to fake combination, good, and used to To exchange information with spy’s or). This technology is called voice – to – skull (v2k), In the time of the first it is used to flush đủa birds around the airport to minimize impact accident between the birds and the plane. There are so many victims of mind control declared that they were messing around, tortured by technology (v2k).
It’s hard to the victim can find proof of this technology, as well as totally can’t handle it this system, it’s just like that man locked up in the microwave, “run, God is not out of the sun”, Where you running to the satellite probes in time also with accuracy. I can’t get away!!!
We can see with the eyes, hear with your ears, smell with your nose, feeling on the skin. The Agency to receive messages every day. It’s like a computer. Weapons this mind control can directly stimulate your nervous system we make us “take over” the more it’s not the surroundings sent it from a satellite, at supercomputer neuron, we have The USA is the experience of the new feeling that I’ve never been through like get the bathroom closed and see it all around the house, hear the voice in the mind of anyone who will stand in the way I’m so far away even in the other Of the country, just like I’m talking about “cell phone” whispering in the brain. Information is stimulating directly in nervous system to create strange feeling! With this system can still cut the signal a mental nature of the body, make me blind, deaf, don’t feel like being put! Nứa more than that, we can be control of themselves and completely become, robo biological science, won’t be able to resist, and that under control whatever they want to, this feature to control the leadership, It worked!
Used to murder!!! Have you ever heard of gamma knife in the hospital?! A Knife, it can be used to slaughter the wound, deal with it, but it also can be used to snip, hit and kill the victim again. This, too, used to murder, I can’t stand a chance.
Used to destroy!!! For example, destructive devices is the prince? I guess you’ve heard the bomb information from the school system and disrupted the radar, Electronics used in war. This worship that, with a large enough energy, your computer will keep it clean, wacko, fire, fire, fire… !
Used to steal information! The human brain is the most complicated, computers neuron can read that would be the normal computer?! Quite easy to steal information (better than hacking many times! ), Gall, information, correct information, totally directly don’t need the internet. In the place of important information sensitive banking system, account, the stock market, it’s!!!
Automatically TranslatedMind ControlThis show, with the original title “Control mental. El sueño dorado de los dueños del mundo” (Mind control. The golden dream of the world’s masters) — broadcasted to some 10 million people — was one of the biggest victories for victims of implant technologies so far. Thanks to Magnus Olsson, who, de…MINDCONTROL.SE


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