Akhil Sharma23 hrsTI people are on death sentence worse given to any one ever on earth….It means whatever crime a person can do is acceptable but he should not be caught…the biggest crime is to be honest, god fearing and powerless…..The people who are most benefited by pain and cries of TI people are those who are responsible for this…Ironically true….

Akhil Sharma23 hrsWhole world can be moved by using a TI and that TI could be tortured to the final human limits…It means that whomsoever is tortured by using a TI’s name is also nothing but a crap and he would be the next one to be tortured in the list….No One is secure in entire world and people are still laughing on each other….No one is able to touch the main guys behind this game , the mastermind is still enjoying the best of earth’s resources….while people are busy fighting each other…..When they help you it is like injecting drug heroine and when they hit you it is like hell…..Both ways you will die painfully…..They make you slave , they destroy your body , mind and soul….they steal your right to live and much more and still mastermind and his supporters are enjoying best of earth’s resources…

Akhil Sharma1 hrSomeone asked me how can we save world from this mind control and other tortures….I would like to say its already too late…But if you can do then without wasting a single second , blow all US satellites immediately , specially those which have an access to your lands…..or any foreign satellite which can access your lands…..clear your sky ASAP and you are 90% free…..


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