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> I think they are even influencing the cops … and the cops don’t even know they are being used.

If they can influence rabbits, they are influencing the cops.  That they would use the mind influencing technology on law enforcement, on other emergency responders, etc. suggests to me this is a very big program targeting the masses.

> If you have any documentation that they can do this, articles, etc. please send to me. I came to these same conclusions after seeing this over and over…

Haven’t done too much research on the technology yet, my conclusions are mostly based on face-to-face meetings with other TIs.  A few references I am aware of:

1.  Book “Psychotronic Golgotha” by N.I. Anisimov. (Translated from Russian) “With the secret influencing the victim does not know and does not even suspect that his brain and organs are being subjected to distant influencing.” — http://www.mindjustice.org/golgotha.htm

2.  Transcript “ELF WAVES AMD EEG ENTRAINMENT A PSYCHOTRONIC WARFARE POSSIBILITY” by Bob Beck, 1978 US Psychotronic Association Conference In Atlanta, GA “So now we have the equipment to which the occult is beginning to surrender its secrets…” — http://journal.borderlands.com/2010/bob-becks-foundation-1-of-6

3.  Article “The Silent Massacre, Part 6: Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic Torture & Mind Control in America” By Nicholas Kirkland, March 14, 2009 “… the handlers can manipulate the target without the target being aware of it.” — http://educate-yourself.org/mc/kirklandsilventmasaccre6part14mar09.shtml

4.  Book “MIND CONTROL WITHIN THE UNITED STATES” Copyright 1997 by Kai Bashir, Manufactured in the United States of America, ISBNs 0-9658174-0-7 0-9658174-1-5 “‘Today our government is engaged in a more insidious form of search than going into someone’s home or through personal papers.  We are now searching their minds, trying to pry out the most hidden and intimate thoughts.’”

5.  Full excerpt of the section “OTHER PEOPLE’S THOUGHTS ARE NOT THEIR OWN” from the article I’m writing, appended below.


Excerpt from an article I’m writing:


In addition to some of us realizing our thoughts are being subliminally influenced, some of us have also come to the conclusion the minds of the people we interact with are being subliminally influenced as well.  Most typically this is being done to make us perceive a certain person as being a perp.  For example while purchasing something in a store the sales clerk may exhibit a cool demeanor toward us, undue anxiety when speaking with us, or apparent sadistic-like sociopathic delight while leering at us.  Despite the seemingly unmistakable conclusion this person has been co-opted in some way to be against us and is fully aware of how they’re negatively treating us, in reality this person is merely being subliminally influenced to regard us in this way without their even being aware their mood is being thus influenced.  From their point of view, without thinking anything odd of it, they just happen to feel cool toward us, to experience an odd sense of anxiety when speaking with us, or to be in an unusually giddy mood, and thus are completely unaware of any conspiracy against us.  From their point of view we’re just another customer.  They are not really a perp, but just an innocent citizen being subliminally influenced with MC technology to trick us into believing that they are a perp.
From early in our targeting we are conditioned to accept the mindset that we are the sole victims, being fair game for anything they want to throw at us, and so while they may use MC technology on us, it doesn’t remotely occur to us they would even consider using MC on anyone else, least of all on those who we perceive as being the local perps.  Turns out there are no local perps.  Just like the sales clerk in the example above, all the people we perceive as having turned against us are being subjected to the same remote electronic subliminal influencing of their minds that we are.  Like us their minds are being subliminally influenced without their at all being aware of it, and generally they do not harbor any ill-will toward us.

In other words, the same MC technology that they’re using on us to is being used on the people we interact with as well, all to effect the psychological harassment against us.
However a distinction is that, unlike us, because they are not being targeted like we are, they don’t perceive anything odd or menacing in the environment around them like stalking groups or DEWs.  Because MC is not being used on them with the goal of destroying their lives, life is completely normal for them and devoid of a nefarious world of covert tactics and nightmarish technologies as it is for us.  In fact, generally speaking, they are unaware of any conspiracy to destroy our lives.  Suggesting to them that we are being victimized with OS, EH or MC, or even accusing them of being a willing participant, is likely to be met with disbelief if not a perception that we are mentally ill.

Hence MC is so deceptive that from our standpoint it creates within us a perception everyone is very much aware of, if not actively participating in, a conspiracy to destroy our lives, while from everyone else’s standpoint they are completely unaware we are being victimized in any way at all and may hardly have taken any notice of us; at most perhaps they may think us a little strange or aloof despite the strong perception in ourselves that they are acutely aware of what is being done against us.

The prospect that our perps, instead of being the hard-core witting perpetrators who know full well what they are doing to us, rather are innocent mind controlled unwitting participants completely unaware they are doing anything to us, initially is to be met with skepticism if not outright denial that we could be so easily deceived and to such a comprehensive degree.  Turns out MC can influence people’s behavior and actions to a much greater extent than would initially be assumed given its subliminal nature.  It is in fact due to this subliminal nature that the unsuspecting subject can be so extensively manipulated.

Amazingly MC can get people to do all kinds of things to convince us they’re perps.  They can be influenced to glance at us in an apprehensive way, to turn their faces away from us, to stare like a zombie at us, to be seemingly angry toward us, or to seemingly laugh at us with a cocky air.  MC can get people to make noises coincident with something we’re doing in privacy of our homes, to exit their house at the same time we exit ours, to hover nearby while we’re working in the front yard, while driving to pull out in front of us, or while grocery shopping to cut us off with their shopping carts.  MC can be used on several people at once so that we perceive groups as being on the same wavelength while ganging-up on us.  It can make it appear the neighbors are in on some inside joke about us, to get people to crowd us in public places, while driving to get cars to box us in, to get coworkers to participate in coordinated noise campaigns, or to make it appear the neighborhood is celebrating when we suffer some sort of misfortune.  In some cases MC can be used to treat us to a seemingly endless parade of perps entering an eating establishment we’re in or slowly driving past us while sitting on a street bench.  MC can also hijack people’s conversations, to make them talk about something that is very close to something we recently experienced that they should have no knowledge of, to make different people to all use the same phrase on us, or to make someone say something very strange to us in a very purposeful manner to make it appear as irrefutable proof there is a conspiracy against us.  In some cases MC can be quite subtle by making acquaintances greet us with a lukewarm reception, in other cases it can get people to exhibit overtly bizarre behavior with wild body movements or boisterous vocalizations.  Again all this without these people suspecting in any way their thoughts are being hijacked; from their perspective they just decided to do these things on a whim.  Some of this may be accomplished simply by instilling within the person a sense of anger which we infer as being directed at us, some of this may be accomplished by instilling a sense of hyperawareness directed toward us to make us feel we’re under scrutiny by strangers, or some of this may be accomplished by just negatively affecting their mood, giving them a bad gut-feeling about us, in time possibly truly turning them against us.

It’s not unlike someone temporarily taking possession of the person.  Because they’re so comprehensively controlled it is very difficult if not impossible to tell the difference from a witting participant.  However often there are characteristic signs.  While being subjected to MC the person’s eyes may have a dull look, they may appear stoic, inwardly preoccupied or unusually serene, their body language may not match their facial expressions, or they may exhibit sporadic or euphoric behavior.  In more extreme instances their movements may appear exaggerated or robotic-like.  In groups their actions may tend to be synchronized.  Their moods may simultaneously abruptly change, they may break out in laughter at precisely the same time, or they may otherwise appear to be on the same wavelength.

This MC influencing is being used on friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, store employees, police, firemen, utility workers, local government administrators, doctors, hospital staff, and any other members of the public you can think of, to make us feel the entire world has turned against us.  Our family may act cool toward us making us think they are colluding against us, police officers may always turn their heads away from us when we drive by, or a neighbor may say something very eerie to us while making very purposeful eye contact.  However many of us have noticed that although a family member seemingly perped us they are however oblivious of having done so and are otherwise the same loving family member, or that a neighbor who seemed acutely angry at us one day is unusually friendly toward us the next day.

While we could convince ourselves that some, if not most, of our perping is MC-driven, many of us have experienced what we perceive to be key instances in which the harassment is so apparent that it undeniably confirms that an individual is a witting participant.  A police officer may admit that stalking groups exist, an FBI agent may admit that DEWs exist, or a neighbor may say something ominous like “you better be careful,” but upon re-examining these instances in light of the overwhelming ability of MC to influence people’s thoughts one by one we can conclude these instances were just as likely MC driven episodes.  The police officer may just want to assure us by indirectly confirming what other TIs have reported to him experiencing, a neighbor may be expressing genuine concern for you after you told him about your experiences, etc., but the MC is influencing the way they say these things and the way we perceive them to read more into it than there is; indeed when we relate these instances to neutral parties they are not usually convinced that these are anywhere near significant enough to confirm all that we are experiencing.

Even among those of us who feel most of our perping is being done by unwitting mind controlled individuals, some feel that perhaps 10% of our perping is done by witting participants.  While Lawson’s books present an account of hate groups employing stalkings as a tool to intimidate their members it is unlikely this would account for the overwhelming preponderance of stalkers and related synchronized events many of us perceive, especially for those of us who perceive almost everyone in the world as being a perp or who estimate that millions dollars have been spent on their individual harassment alone.  And when considering more modest assessments the question still begs itself why go through the trouble of physically meeting with and co-opting all of the people we are likely to come across in our daily travels via lies, bribes or blackmail, when it is infinitely easier to merely remotely subliminally influence the people around us.  Also we must at least consider the possibility Lawson-style stalking groups may be highly MC-driven operations without the participants being aware of it.  Additionally a few of us have reported that solely via MC they have attempted to recruit us to participate in perping operations so it is also possible a few of our stalkers may be lone mind controlled participants who are indeed aware of what they are doing.  Thus it may be that even if a small number of our stalkers are witting participants it is still primarily an MC controlled phenomenon.

In addition to subliminally influencing people to exhibit perp-like mannerisms, there are numerous other ways MC can be used on people to turn the system against us.  While waiting in line at the grocery store customers in front of us may be subliminally influenced to make a series of time wasting requests, we may receive calls from subliminally influenced friends or family at inconvenient times, or we may discover that the product we were seeking at the store is out of stock due to subliminal influencing of the stocking clerk.  MC can be used to subliminally influence someone to conspicuously display an object we are meant to associate with our targeting, for example, if our pet has recently died a neighbor may be subliminally influenced to conspicuously display a small coffin-like box on their front porch.  An employer may be subliminally influenced to not feel comfortable hiring us, an auto mechanic to honestly forget to tighten the oil plug on our car, or on an unethical order clerk to purposely loose our paperwork because she doesn’t like us.  Even garbage in our front yard is likely to have been left by a subliminally influenced litterbug rather than by a hard-core perp.  And even when explaining our harassment to others they may be subliminally influenced to perceive our descriptions as kooky sounding.  So there are many ways MC may be brought to bear on the people we come to interact with in attempting to destroy our lives.

With a little bit of guarded effort we can gradually test the precept the minds of the people we interact with are being subliminally influenced, via our observations of them, and our subtle interactions with them, to eventually convince ourselves that they are not the hard-core perps we are meant to perceive them to be but are merely unwitting innocent citizens who are being subjected to the same MC technology we are.

Thus the good news is that the entire world has not turned against us, the people we interact with have not sold out.  Individuals and groups are merely being manipulated by a tiny handful of MC perps we never see.  This explains why the street level participants tend to have the same personality even when we fly to the other side of the country.  We are able to effectively cope with them because we are not fighting against a thousand different people, but just matching wits with the few individuals who are coordinating our harassment via MC.

However this is no panacea.  The people we interact with will still be subliminally influenced to attempt to turn them against us, our orders will still be sabotaged, the system will still be turned against us.  We may or may not be able to reconcile already damaged relationships.  We will still need to maintain our mental guard while remaining as calm and level headed as possible.  But we can much more easily psychologically cope with others given this understanding of how their behavior is being influenced.  By realizing this we can look beyond their perp-like mannerisms when evaluating someone new and thus minimize future efforts to sabotage our relationships with others.

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