You Won’t Belive Until You Are Dead, TRUMP ANOTHER CIA SATANIST


Kevin Canada shared Christian Truthers United‘s photo.January 7 at 8:37pm

Temitayo David But that was said the same thing abt Obama….
Brent Vandewalle People are so easily deceived and that’s why they remain slaves. They fall for the same trick over and over again.

Charlie HudsonCharlie Hudson Trump is coming, and HELL , and CHRISTIANS are coming with him !!!

John Susan Rountree 666 stands for the beast who is satan and any one who is familiar with demons and the occult and cults , knows that demons are NOT humans but fallen angels who cannot be seen that have been invading this planet since the fall of man.
Josie FarleyJosie Farley He is so repulsive …the demons within him. It’s all I see. Pray for deliverance and for the scales to fall from his eyes, so that he may see the Light of LIFE, and become an exception, rather than the NORM
Christian Truthers UnitedemitayoJanuary 6 at 11:22pmThere’s a lot of coincidence theorists out there that refuse to believe a man appointed to be the leader of the United States of America is throwing up “666” when he talks. He does it more than anyone I have ever seen and most are blinded by their ignorance.



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