Psychic connection between chemtrails and control of world population, how to defend (Video)

We have reached the hill overlooking the town of wonders and amazement more detail see the details that from a distance it looked like anything …

Today many people think that one of the reasons for spraying via chemtrails is the project ” Malthus ” to reduce the earth’s population by the poisonous organic substances and metal found in the same, and scattered on the ground , on the water and on the populations

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But during the course of the years, this has not in fact resulted in a significant decrease of the world population. Although we are sure that they have had harmful effects on people’s health, probably they are not generally the most deadly (short-term-ed) of using psychotropic substances every day. It ‘true that there have been reports from hospitals that have had many hospitalizations of people with lung problems after spraying via chemtrails, but this only in the first few days usually. There are undoubtedly of occult power groups involved in projects that have made ​​use of this type of aircraft to fulfill these horrible experiments without the knowledge of the people. But we are seeking a deeper motivation, which is the “real reason” for which supply blood with these substances the inhabited areas of the entire globe. 

In 2000, together with some independent researchers began to get an idea about what is the motive and the real reason behind the chemtrails. Some of them began to travel to follow these tracks. They were driving through the desert of New Mexico and there was good weather – a clear sky and clear (as we see very little to us today – ed) no chemtrails for hundreds of kilometers. But, while enjoying the wonderful sight of a blue sky and clear, they came to a small town of maybe only 8-10,000 people, and surprise! They were everywhere!Suddenly the sky was full of chemtrails. Once past the city, the chemtrails were no longer visible anywhere. This gave a clue: the reason behind the shedding of chemtrails is attributable above all to places where people live , although there are cases in which the spraying takes place in uninhabited areas for different purposes. These do not need at all to save us from global warming by creating a refractive layer, as many falsely claim . There would have been otherwise, for millions of square kilometers, even in the deserts and oceans of the world as there were many chemtrails of a small town. At this point, following an inner impulse another clue came in the observations we have made. People’s behavior over the last few years. It may be just a perception, but it seems that it is now more difficult to find people that really perceive or see evil in facts that should give rise to at least some doubts and that under their eyes exerts visible through these means, as in the case of the chemtrails, also compared to only eight years ago. And it is also more difficult to find today many people available to do (beyond words – ed) any active propaganda action aimed to inform others.Or much more simple actions such as reading and detailed inquiries on such matters. I’ve talked to other people who said the same thing. That is, they can talk to fifty people and only two of them seem to really hear and understand what they are saying. The fact is that clear during the course of the last few years many of us, researchers and publishers freelance truth, we moved out of the reality perceived by most people. Just by what we are learning constantly. So we, we really need to and often remind us that there are still many people who are interested only motivation induced for which they are in life, and then only what they like. They’re going to buying a car or going to the cinema or dance, and again, what they will do on the weekend, their whole scheme of being and existence is confined within a fictitious reality. I like talking to such people and use them as a guide to remind me what is “normal” today for the majority. And it seems to me, however, even with this in mind that people are increasingly immersed in a

kind of zombification even when they seem to be awake. Here is a dialogue from the movie “They Live.” Do not think that only fiction:

“… Our impulses are rerouted. We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep … … the movement began eight months ago by a small group of scientists. They accidentally discovered that these signals can be induced through television …… the poor and working classes are growing. the racial justice and human rights are non-existent . they have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices …… the intention tHEM is dominated by the annihilation of consciousness . we have been lulled into a trance. they have made ​​us indifferent to our salvation, to others, we are only focused on our own gain. Please understand me .. .., they feel safe until they are discovered. This is their primary method of power and survival. they keep us asleep, keep us selfish, keep us good …… they are dismantling the sleepy middle class. More and more people are becoming poorer. We are their cattle. We are slavery . The revolution? ….. We can not interrupt their signals, our transmitter is not powerful enough. The signal must be turned off at the source! “.
Discover all that are causing and who want to implement through the chemtrails. This is our purpose: TURN OFF tHE SIGNAL TO tHE SOURCE!

And there is only one way to do it. We must unite and explain how to do it and spread it! 

Unfortunately all the evidence reported in the majority of researchers on chemtrails is only the presence of various harmful compounds to the human body. This was ” wanted ” and ” controlled ” by the usual … as screening from the ” real purpose ” of chemtrails project.Many analyzing hair (mineralogramma) report that many people have very high levels of barium and aluminum in their bodies. And this is not at all well, but something more terrible and devastating is behind this incredible project. 

Putting all this information together one day I was impressed on what we believe is the real purpose of chemtrails. What it is not so much the poisoning of the body, but the control not only of the mind but as a brain mass than contained in it spiritually. The consciousness of being human! This part of the project deals with what is down, the man, but there is also the one that deals with what is in the upper atmosphere, the ionosphere (as in the bottom so high said the three-time Trismegistus – ed) essay . This is implemented by entering a very high level of these particular metals (described and analyzed in detail in the Zret site about chemtrails – ed) in all people of the earth. The goal is to transform each of you in a walking wireless handheld utilizzandovi as a database and link a luciferin global network and make you live like in the Matrix what I call web 3.0 “REALITY ‘END VIRTUAL” (web 2.0 semantic of which you hear is just a platform towards the realization of this diabolical project – ed.) 

human beings have an electrical charge to nature. In addition to our complex and not well understood electric composition, we have another little known side Psychoenergetic called Electromagnetic Field Informed (CEI). Our meridians and chakras are only the basic component of this unknown side. Psychoenergetic this side is very sensitive to the electromagnetic field and the magnetic scalar signal connected to the band of the “Terahertz”. Saturate humans with these specific metals makes them more sensitive and suitable to receive and transmit signals in this range . Much research has been conducted and many patents have been registered on the influence remote, electromagnetic telepathy, mind control and the human psyche . I suggest you read the other nine articles in this series on this blog. Piu ‘an organism and’ complex and more ‘reserves of electrons and protons are needed. An increase of protons brings down the pH value; a drop of protons increases the pH value. These are fundamental and irreplaceable in order to perform all the complex cellular and physiological functions of the organism itself; and is incalculable the number of bioelectrical reactions that take place at all times in relation to each of them in complex organisms such as ours. In addition, acidic substances are “proton transmitters” while the basic substances are “receivers proton”, according to a statement from Broenstedt in 1923. So ..? By altering the composition of the human body through bioelectrical substances Chemtrails your CEI, above, it is reprogrammed to meet and interact with given signals, via wireless (UMTS), the mobile phone network now present throughout the world and secretly controlled by a GigaServer occupying, presumably about 2000 square meters (where they arrive and are stored all information processed by Echelon – ed) today held by synarchy in a secret base called “the Crypt” . That will be one of the most important control centers when global sinarkia in society today with entities called “aliens” or “demons” , ( their true nature read HERE ‘ ) will take the global power [ temporary ] on planet earth . (We’ll talk about all this in another series of artcoli – ed ). In addition many people know that you can change the states psicoenergetici through the light , and since the chemtrails, create a barrier to certain frequency of light rather than other, interact with these by changing your state not only physiological but mostly psychological. In Use the Cornell University (NY) have been made ​​of simple experiments that confirmed what was known for millennia: changing light physiological states of living beings, plants, animals, humans . To avoid exceeding the say for the moment that all these so-called technologies are also upset at the human frequencies Alfa, Delta, Theta and Gamma. These special low-frequency waves, are the ones that allow us to get in tune and harmony with ALL Life in the Universe, and to receive or send information, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, visual, tactile. That is, the three-dimensional world by all experienced and known up to now. There are other reasons why chemtrails are used in addition to this , but I think this is a major reason if not the most important of this complex and alien project. As you can defend yourself? the main way – i repeat although already described in the previous article – it is to live in the healthiest way possible to level the moral and spiritual changing your thoughts and behaviors through the ‘ Love and the’ empathy , as taught Messyah: “FATE tO all that would be done by yOU ” . So your spirit revives and strengthens the DNA that can react to the attack and make it immune to more easily at these frequencies. It ‘important to understand all this even if your rational mind tells you anything, know that we’re already in with all shoes. And if you do not do now, only “four wooden planks” (I mean? – Ed) around you can free yourself from being possessed. I know it may seem crazy all this , but if you do not start seeing “beyond” what you believed to be true until now it means you are fertile and ready to receive the seed of sinarkia luciferin. the other method is related to the physical appearance: improving diet totally eliminating refined sugars and especially various sweeteners and ASPARTAME contained in most sugar-free products . Favorites Honey andvirgin brown sugar (not the fake of colored bars with caramel – ed) or if at least just as fructose, is not there like it used the best but it is better than the first. Another way is to add “cilantro” to the body because it helps to excrete metals. Another way is the intestinal detoxification accumulation of metals contaminated by bacterial flora. DO NOT USE yoghurt whatsoever for detox because by doing so you will have the exact opposite effect. In fact most people use regular yoghurt thinking (by advertising – editor’s note) he does well to many things while actually poisons the body and leads him in a state of constant stress and especially weakens the body’s defenses by contrast than advertised, then the game of metals as it makes them (just by the bacterial flora of yoghurtiana memory – ed) bioavailable to journey to our DNA. If you do not believe ask yourself at least because for many years spend billions and billions to advertise this white product that is not indispensable to the our lives, if they do it is not just for the economic aspect! ( food advertised’ll talk later – editor’s note ). for a truly effective detoxification (without chemtrails – ed) make a serious fast of at least 37 hours drinking only green tea, rich in beneficial properties such as, tannins, mineralii salts, and other substances noble and useful, as coudiuvante fasting and true physical and spiritual detox. REMEMBER that this like other types of poisoning often does not give immediate effects. Probably the best method to remove metals from the body is therapy that EDTA chelation . Chelation explicated by EDTA (an amino acid) binds to heavy metal molecule, and is expelled from the body. It is safe, it is a process designed, medically approved to treat heavy metal poisoning. It is totally safe in people with normal kidney function and very effective. The chelation is normally done intravenously by a doctor, but this is very expensive. Because they are required several visits to specialists control the cost of about 100 Euros per visit. The oral chelation instead is very inefficient. A new effective and useful method in 75% of cases through chelation suppository. Many recommend it and use it regularly. I know you will laugh, but this is not something on which to joke above. In any case the most important thing to do, I repeat it : change your views and accordingly modify your state of mind to get in tune and harmony not only with the universe and the infinite love (as someone said – ed) but with something and someone superior to creation itself, living, sentient, active, and accompanied by myriads of others like him.  the source and the ‘ origin of any kind of love. You live from now on with a different spirit and new eyes life. New brothers will walk beside you. Open the dimension door located in you and make powerful, free slide your true love toward others, even to those who think evil. Only in this way can destroy the signal to the source! This is the real revolution! This article marks the end of the 10 in which we touched on various aspects of a very important issue. Forgive me if many points I mentioned were not extensive, but the space in the blog does not allow it, and on the other hand an article not long and complex would read no more than the fact that those who surf the Internet runs the news jumping here and there not focusing often on anything ( this is the sad reality ). I hope you were able to implement at least the sense of the message , but it certainly does not end here my humble contribution to the knowledge that leads to salvation. treasure and cherish it even if you do not understand everything well or do not believe it. Printed and bound the 10 items in sequence, rileggeteli, elaborateli, approfonditeli and especially divulgateli and explain them to others. Finally i apologize to all those much more educated and wiser than i, for some gaffe spelling or inaccuracy in ‘expose the information. It’ s just a small beginning, but from a small seed born a big tree. Bojs ofsource: also interesting for you: HYPNOSIS SILENT: radio and TV current can transmit these to be effective messages hypnosis carriers


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