CGWed, Nov 7, 9:34 AM (1 day ago)to meHello Kevin,
I glad that you were able to find someplace where you can be safer than here on Long Island.  it is too bad that you  were not able to  work with people to help convince them. Ii did not need convincing, but I would have wanted to work in a manner that people would be receptive to what I wanted to convey.
I am  am frustrated that lots of  people do not see the dark rainy days (and sometimes just dark without rain) as odd.  There are psychological reasons why people do not see things.  it is not necessarily a choice, but a mental protective mechanism.
You have a strong mind so you can handle the truth.  Most people can’t.  For those that can, some are afraid or just prefer to stay in their “happy place”.  And then there are people like me who just cannot find people to hook up with on this issue.
Best of luck and health in these strange times…
Cathy Gottschalk
Kevin Canada, Nov 7, 2018, 3:37 PM (1 day ago)to CathyI have to leave, they killed two of my neighbors with this 5G, if you can’t tell normal clouds from poison I don’t know what to tell you. 

Kevin Canada, Nov 7, 2018, 3:45 PM (1 day ago)to CathyI will continue my writing, which reaches millions, have over 7 million views on my You Tube alone, and they don’t like what I do trust me. I won’t be so far away that I can’t still come back to the city, I may even get two places one up there and one in the city, but I’m getting the fuck off Long Islandliving next to Brookhaven Labs you better be prepared for a living hell. These idiots out there don’t have a clue what I have been through to get as much information as I have out to them. I have to live in an apt with 3-6 inches of foil on all the windows just to survive in my house the electro magnetic frequencies are so horrific, I’m done sacrificing my life for a bunch of donothing morons. If you people ever go after Brookhaven Labs let me know, I’ll make is down, time for sanity in my life. 


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