1515050_437081189801881_350205714633534395_n-7354926 5813139Kerry Nena Fogarty My community sees 80,000+ people from all over the world travel through here every September to attend the Black Rock Desert Playa Burning Man event. We had signs along the highway telling atendees they were being sprayed with chemtrails and that there…See MoreUnlike · Reply · 2 · May 28 at 9:09amLorissa Lincoln Holy sheettt! So very sorry to hear of your health issue. Was very shocked by your comment contents. I did not know this!Like · Reply · May 28 at 11:18pmWrite a reply…Kevin Craig Canada HOPEFULLY SOON ONE LESS MORON TO DEAL WITHLike · Reply · 1 · May 28 at 12:25pm483148_371004552996495_1168273803_n-7155067 8482712Laura VonDrehle Buy a few decent sized magnets and wear them. I read about this the other day and I tried it because there are 12 smart meters on the opposite side of my bedroom wall. So for, it’s really helping me. Magnets are cheap at the hardware store.

Sven Nils Frank You are’nt the only one. 
They do it to me, too….See MoreUnlike · Reply · 1 · May 28 at 12:50pm · EditedKevin Craig Canada IT HAS TO BE HAPPENING TO HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS BY NOW, CHEMTRAILS AND HAARP ARE GLOBAL NOWUnlike · Reply · 4 · May 28 at 1:04pmSven Nils Frank That it is, it’s happen everywhere on the planet. In germany they speak a lot about chemtrails, but not about other parts of mind control- they just speak about muslims and imigrants…
But that is non of my buisness.Like · Reply · May 28 at 1:18pmKevin Craig Canada Sven Nils Frank ALL THIS SHIT IS OUR BUSINESS
Sven Nils Frank I mean, they don’t want to research for more- they just talk about that imigrants want to take our jobs and so on…
Google: PEGIDA, AFD, and other right stuff in europe….See MoreDer Kaffeekranz (die europäische Resistánce der Moderne)


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