Bombshell Revelation From Benghazi Committee, And It’s Not One The Republicans WantedInboxxThe Pen 4:47 PM (27 minutes ago)to meDear Kevin,

If the Republicans were hoping for a bombshell revelation from their
Benghazi inquisition, they sure got one. Except that it’s about how
George W. Bush and Tony Blair conspired to con the world on their
predetermined invasion of Iraq in 2003.

It seems that among other things on Hillary Clinton’s email server,
she inherited former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s email files.
And tucked away in there was a memo for a secret summit documenting
that Blair had some great PR ideas about how they were going to sell
the war they were going to launch regardless. And this was all a full
year before they broke all the pottery in stock at the Middle Eastern
Pottery Barn.

Did you know we made an actual full length feature dramatic film a
couple years back, called The Last War Crime, all about this wicked
deception, and about indicting the Cheney war criminals. Did you ever
see the whole thing, or even any part of it? If not, you can get the
screener DVD from this page (8th gift selection down) for a
contribution of any amount you can afford right now:

The Last War Crime DVD screener:

This newly exposed Powell email dramatically confirms the historical
evidence we already have, for example the Downing Street minutes
which refer to how in Bush’s mind war was inevitable, and that to
achieve this end the “facts were being fixed around the policy.” And
there is so much more in the movie dramatizing the lying sales job
that inserted us into this permanent quagmire.

Yes, the Republicans were salivating over some giant new scandal they
were hoping to find in the Clinton private server emails. But what
they actually exposed was that members of their party were the
biggest war criminals in American history.

If Wikileaks had released this email, the Republican banshees would
be screaming for journalist blood. But the email was released
pursuant to the court order they themselves had pushed for. Somewhere
in the space of a couple hundred square feet Julian Assange is
probably having a good laugh over this one right now.

Of course the British media is all over this. Have you seen anything
in our own mainstream right wing water carrying media about it? Of
course not.

And this is why it is up to us as our duty to honor the true
historical record, and to keep these truths alive. And you can help
by getting a copy of The Last War Crime DVD, watching it, and
encouraging everyone else you know to do the same.

The Last War Crime DVD screener:

We’ll keep proclaiming the truth as long as there is one open ear to
listen. It’s what we do around here as a full time job.

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