Kept Hidden From Man By These Satanists For Thousands Of Years.


What follows is what has been kept hidden from man by these satanists for thousands of years. The innate knowledge of right and wrong every person is endowed with by the Creator has a spiritual dimension commonly known as good and evil. In reality, these are occult but very real spiritual energies one can tap into by practicing true Christianity or its exact opposite, Luciferian satanism. For example, the way the devil worshippers transcend the physical wold into this hidden spiritual dimension is by committing the most heinous acts against those most innocent. These practices are codified as ancient

Luciferian rituals starting the destruction of one’s moral integrity with corruption, sexual degradation, perversion progressing to the violent rape, torture and crucifixion of very young children. They bleed the crucified children, sometimes babies, very slowly in order to “catch the soul” and then they drink the blood and eat the hearts. The immortal, supernatural force called the devil materializes in the form of the Baphomet and pacts can be made with it involving the creation of widespread human suffering and hatred in exchange for power, wealth and societal status. Once the ritual is complete, they undergo a physical and spiritual transformation which changes the way sound and light energy is perceived by human beings. The physical transcends into

the spiritual inside this energy matrix we perceive as reality, be it light or sound waves. It is like being hit by invisible lightning or, more specifically, touching the energy source of Creation. This is why they use the rainbow as their secret code, because when you walk in the spirit in this world, the rainbow’s colors and magnificence are amplified powerfully in the senses.


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