Make Telepathic Communication For Mind Control A Federal Felony.

mzdzdevovikskkr-800x450-nopad-8000763 3169932SIGN THE PETITION!!

Telepathic communication (aka scripting and coding tools) for human mind control and influence may currently be the best kept secret program in America. When in the wrong hands, such systems have been proven to be an invisible, yet lethal force, responsible for accidents, behavioral changes, headaches, vision impairments, neurological disturbances, often resulting in fiscal losses and social degradation.

The covert process (sometimes referred to as opto-hypnosis) delivered via sophisticated scripting/coding techniques, use of satellites, smart devices, insider apps is unethical, immoral, unconstitutional, and security network unaffiliated citizens are currently unprotected and are offered no shield from the potential harm.

We are asking congress to act immediately to disclose the sealed programs (both federal and private) and make their unauthorized use a federal felony immediately, thus protecting American citizens’ and our constitutional rights.


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