David Masem I configured the real-time unix servers that were sampling the collisions of positive & negative ions. I also set up the apache websites for the test results. These were all internal servers. Project Aerosol was the study of aerosols and nano-particulants on the environment… basically did no good!Unlike · Reply · 1 · September 30 at 3:41pmKevin Canada Now why would they want to know that. What kind of aerosols Kevin Canada Billy Hayes told me Brookhaven is hooked to CERN Like · Reply · September 30 at 3:46pmDavid Masem Definitely working BIG TIME on nano technology at BNL. They built an entire complex since I was there dedicated to nano technology R&D. Kevin Canada They are fucking Criminals and need to be prosecuted Like · Reply · 1 · September 30 at 3:51pmKevin Canada I think there are Nazis involved in this shit also David Masem Every last one of them should be tried for crimes against humanity and the biosphere of our fragile planet. Then, when found guilty, hung from the nearest trees.Unlike · Reply · 1 · September 30 at 3:53pmKevin Canada I think that’s what it’s going to take to start to take our country back it’s that bad Like · Reply · September 30 at 3:54pmKevin Canada Please let me know on that 28 Haarps, that does not sound right David Masem I’ve always said it has to be taken to the streets to stop it. Problem is too damn many sheeple drinking fluoridated beverages and eating GMOs. They are so dumbed down it would take YEARS to wake enough of them up. When Project Blue Beam hits the skies, they’ll all think it’s either the second coming or an alien invasion… disgusts me! September 30th, 4:01pmJust caught one of your videos “Haarp phenomenon observed from LI” WOW!We get that EVERYDAY


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