Ollie Joe Fox shared Tutankhan Armex‘s post.9 hrsFor in these troubled times the whole human race is so pressed by the scarcity of money and by the straits of the economic crisis that the more it struggles to get free, the more it feels itself inextricably fettered. And from this it comes that there is now no nation, no state, no society, no family, that is not either itself oppressed, more or less gravely, by these calamities(18+SATINIC PARASITES) or else seems likely to be dragged down headlong by the ruin of others. Nay more, those very men, very few indeed, who since they are endowed with immense riches, seemed to control the government of the world, those very few, moreover, who, being addicted to excessive gain, were and are in great part the cause of such great evils; those very men – we say – are often, with little honor, the first to be ruined, grasping the goods and the fortunes of very many unto their own destruction; Missing from this caption, Are the lady killers of Clinton, Merkel, May, and others…!
Tutankhan ArmexMarch 29 at 8:24pmMASS EVIL


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