Magnus Thorwald Olsson shared a post.July 30 at 5:24 AMTrans Evolution op GroupJuly 30 at 5:04 AM“Military neuroscience” — Manipulating brain frequencies and energy fields

Carolanne Wright – Psychotronics is the intersection between consciousness, energy fields and matter. In a bill introduced to the U.S. House of Representative in 2001, Dennis J. Kucinich describes psychotronic devices as “weapons” that can be used against individuals or specific populations to exert power over behavior and mood — essentially a form of mind control.

Russia has a long history of developing this class of technology, the most famous being the “Woodpecker” — a “Tesla-type transmitter” that emitted psychoactive signals in the 1970’s through the late eighties.

But Russia isn’t the only player in this dangerous game.

NANOBRAINIMPLANT.COMControl Technology: No 1 ???Control Technology: The Future Of Technology And Its Impact On Our Lives Posted January 2019 Author William Are your opinions really your own—or how much have they been carefully shaped until you t…


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