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By Christopher Black, an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto, he is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and he is known for a number of high-profile cases involving human rights and war crimes

Mr. Obama, Mr. Cameron. Mr. Hollande, Madame Merkel, Mr. Erdogan and all the other members of the criminal conspiracy to dominate the world, I ask you, do you intend to test our patience to its limit? How much longer will your killing frenzy madden us? At what point do you stop your reckless push to the very brink of world war. Have the Nuremberg trials, the UN Charter, international law, have the fears and protests of the people, have your continual defeats in one war after another, your crimes against mankind revealed to the light time and time again, had no effect on you at all? Do you not know that your plans have been exposed, that the conspiracy and the conspirators have been identified?

Kevin Craig Canada…/some-questions-for-obama-and…/Some Questions for Obama and His Gang | New Eastern OutlookJOURNAL-NEO.ORG
Some Questions for Obama and His Gang | New Eastern Outlook16.11.2015 Author: Christopher Black Some Questions for Obama and His Gang Column: Politics Region: USA in the World Mr. Obama, Mr. Cameron. Mr. Hollande,…JOURNAL-NEO.ORG


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