Kandy Griffin Vandawalker This is what has been happening to you since the day you were born…/////////////MERCK pharmaceuticals creating bioweapons for the US government on Plum Island NY in the 50’s using mosquitoes as vectors….. in the late 60/early 70’s they created Lyme using half syphilis and half bb using recombinant DNA technology…same as MERCK with the mycoplasmas…… they used ticks as the vector for Lyme and released them 8 miles off the coast of Plum Island in the city of Old Lyme CT which is where it began…… //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////where had Lyme been hiding until that time?……… answer: it wasn;t- it was created in a lab….. they keep us sick, we keep the medical and pharmaceutical industries in business and they line the pockets of the politicians….. am I making any sense here?….. then we get into Morgellons (nan bio hybrid infestation) and from there we learn that the Morgellons is being used to feed information back to AI (artificial intelligence) which is a superquantum computer network that surrounds our planet with the use of the satellites communicating wirelessly, remotely… creating an invisible WORLD WIDE WEB….. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////they are using all of the digital information to feed their digital supercomputing quantum system which is entwined within the global communication network system……….. If any of this sounds logical to you, please watch my presentation here nad share it with others………. transhumanism- singularity- man/machine interface… please educate yourselves!!!!……..


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