How many of these HAARP bases do they have anyway? Answer: Enough to screw and scramble a lot of minds. ]

The Illuminati, The P2 Lodge, The Bildeburgers, CFR, World Bank, Various Secret One World Government Agencies; NSA, NRO, CIA, FBI, DOD, Sector 7-9, S4 Dreamland, Montauk,

Area51, Brookhaven Labs, Los Alamos, ASIO, Pine Gap, MI-6, Many Deep Underground Military Bunkers aka D.U.M.B. and various HARRP stations around the world are most likely only the tip of the iceberg!

particle-beam-facility-6594707 3397110

This is allegedly a building hiding a particle beam accelerator weapon that may have been used to take down some civilian aircrafts like Lockerbie or several others such “Crashes”. These false flags are often called “terrorist attacks” and used to further the NWO agenda or a worldwide fear based police state. 

Michele Donaghy- Chamberlain 

Brookhaven never stopped working on
MK Ultra
Montauk Project started there
MTK Chronicles is most disturbing!
That massive antenna dish on MTK Pt. is at midpoint between NYC& Boston

Brookhaven Labs and Montauk Air Force Base includes part of the HAARP network and particle accelerator devices. By using Google Earth you can clearly see the existance of buildings and structures within the Brookhaven Labs that are not your typical office buildings.  Two VERY Large circular buildings can be seen. What is located underneath these structures is anyones guess

In my research I can not determine what the particle accelerators are used for.  Heck it could be some type of new weapon.  However it is clear in my research that HAARP is part of the work being done at this facility.

All of this madness must now end.


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