Sonya Gore
6 hrs
I used to heart emoticon Hillary….. I am under an intense chemical warfare attack. Synagogue of Satan, Northcom Command, Illuminati, Free Mason, Muslim Obama, & Friends, and found out on FOX NEWS that Hillary is the ONE who came up with the “protocol” for targeting individuals because of her own personal expertise in the field of experience. It’s all over Facebook how the Clinton’s dusted off their staffers along the way to save their political posture…. Stalking, surveillance, and making someone a target… Shawn Hannity interviewed a woman who worked for the Clinton’s. She has written a book called, “TARGET”. She claimed Hillary is responsible for the “targeting protocol” going on in this country. She made the protocol which is being followed. Stands to reason. 85% of all targeted individuals are women. And it just so happens that she receives a lot of donations from Arab Nations notorious for abusing their women…..All the while she stands up in public and confirms her “stand for women” to cover up her involvement with Illuminati Devil Worshippers. Everyone knows by now how chummy she is with the Bilderberg & Illuminati. Yep, she’s busted now. The word is out!!! At first, I was so disappointed in someone I looked up to since the Arkansas days….then I just got over it. I’ve been through so much because of Hillary & Obama…..I just got over it.


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