Deane Z Ewing via Zakaos Z. EwingOctober 9 at 10:35pmPlease take the time to listen to this Global mind control conference . I am not going to say much about it other than these things really need to be known . The lead speaker , Nick Bagich makes one huge point that no one has ever said . He said the truth about what I do and how I live my life . Poverty and being gang stalked and targeted because I do not like rapist and evil and Nazi mind control and most of all people or entities that harm my home Earth . Nick said we really need to support the people on the front line exposing this terrorism . He also said how we live very hard lives and make no money and people really need to understand what we do is so very difficult because honestly . We or I as a freelance artist / truth shower can not hold down a decent job with out being harassed or targeted . Please keep in mind even 5 dollars is better than nothing if you have anything to donate to me and the cause and what I do . I do not get paid for saving and helping people . I get doors closed and talked about as they spend money to keep me down . I am constantly moving around from place to place because of harassment and finding a place I can afford to live is very difacult . I am mooving down to down Town Houston in to a Vet / ex military low income housing becuse it is all I can afford . I also would humbly like to thank the people from my you tube and Face book for continuing to let me know my tones and the information I am putting out is helping people and some even say saving there lives .Thank you and I do this for you and Earth and Gods good people and that is it . I really enjoyed what Nick said in this documentary and it needs to be heard and known .

Global Mind Control 2013 – Nick Begich

This is my new blog intro Video I released the Blog last Sunday and it is taking off . The Blog Intro to Video link

Zakaos+Breaking News !C.I.A. N.S.A. nazi Darpa Secrets Exposed!(1pK00o00O0PhAoA0AoAoAoAOA);

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I Am A Targeted Individual Artist

I am so happy to announce people are really reading my article . It is over 7000 views as of Sunday night !!!!. Thank you for you time a support . I love helping people and helping bring truth and understanding were it is most needed . Love , truth and justice can never be stopped .

Zakaos+Breaking News ! C.I.A. N.S.A. nazi Darpa Secrets Exposed !



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